Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too? I’m one of those lucky people who are the 5%... I’m in Crazy Love, following my Dreams and living what I believe is a real Life Fairytale! I’m a 27 year old whom dreams of her wedding day and making Babies. I think everyone has a calling and I know mine was to become a momma. Through the journey of life I have changed my mind about almost everything, I’m stubborn, disgustingly over organized, obsessive planner, scrap booker, cupcake making, college student, collector of clothes and high heels, girlfriend to the most amazing guy in the world, a mommy too two four legged boys and living my life for God. 

After high school I decided the easiest (yes I was one of those) thing to do would be to work in my mom’s salon. How easy could this be, I was 18 would have my “own” salon or so I thought…could your mom really be your “boss” and I could come and go as I pleased all while making a ton of money….Hey I liked to be pampered I’m sure I would enjoy doing it… So off to Rob Roy Academy I went to become an Esthetician. I graduated and began my journey into the life of beauty, needless to say that slowly faded and knew from the beginning that it wasn’t my true passion….Children were. I knew I wanted to teach and the thought of going back to school for four years seemed daunting especially at 25 but here I am almost half way done and can’t wait to become a 2nd grade teacher! 

Ralph and I have two Spoiled or should I say Ridiculously Spoiled Dogs…. A 5 year old Puggle named Samuel Preston and a 2 year old Peakazu named Joshua Adden…We know we want to be parents someday but they will always be our first Babies.

Ralph would describe Sarah as: Creative, Beautiful, Loving, Sensitive (in a good way), genuine, caring, Blonde (in another good way), funny and Laughs Often, and with a big laugh he would like to add.... Pain in the Ass!

Sarah would describe Ralph as: Hilarious, Smart, Hard Working, Manly, Clean, Strong, Tall, always smells good, Silly, Compassionate, lover of animals (not cats!) but will crash his truck too save a squirrel, incredibly handsome, perfect for me.
I think we will Always be Making the Movies Jealous.....

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