**** SORRY GUYS, Not making this available until Late 2013**** Super busy at the moment and cant seem to juggle it all, hope you all understand...Will be up and running Advertisement soon! :o)

Do you want to Sponsor or Advertise on Sarah With an H?!?

GREAT! We will be happy to have you!

Sarah With an H has been featured all over the internet in the {ONE} year since it has started. I reach a fan base of over 5,000 readers every day. With Some days over 7,000! I have readers from all over the world; so like my life; it’s quickly evolving into a whirlwind of Bliss! As I venture onto, Engagement, Marriage, and Mommy hood, I’m open to all sorts of ideas/advertising/product reviews/guest blogging and so forth.


Large (200x200) - $25/1mo – Located at the Top before all ads; only 2 spots available
Medium (200x150) - $15/1mo – Located on side bar; underneath large ads; 8 spots available
Small (200x100) - $10/1mo – Located underneath Medium ads; 8 spots available

Note: Ad space must be paid before the first of the month.

Small ads are available to swap as well. Want to share Blog Love, let’s swap out advertising!! I’ll pin you; you pin me! ;)

Product Reviews:

Product reviews are a great way to drive traffic/business to your sites. I will accept almost anything as long as it is something that I would use. I try to only do product reviews that truly fit my life style. If I love it, I will write about it :) I’m 100% honest with my readers and would never promote an item I wasn’t passionate about or enjoyed. Have something you think may interest me, email me.

I’m open to ideas as well. Have ideas for partnerships or ideas that we can work together on, please feel free to ask.

Please E-mail all inquiries to Sarahreneelee@yahoo.com

A picture of my Stats Today:

Getting Excited as it nears the ONE MILLION mark!!! Thank You all :o)

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