The Nest

Here are some Pictures of our Nest, we love our Home. We live on a Culdesac in a Tiny little Town in Massachusetts. We are so lucky to be close to everything, the beach is a 45min. to hour drive, the city is 30 minutes away, the country is 5 minutes away, we live in an in closed neighborhood that is very "Cookie Cutter" I LOVE Cookie Cutter!! It reminds me of one of my Favorite Movie's when I was Younger Pleasantville. I love that whole Era of time...So when we moved into our new house I was So Excited!! All the houses look the same, the Yards are immaculate, everyone smiles and waves when you drive by, the grass is some kind of miracle grass that is super Green and it hasn't officially been spring/nice out yet and everyone owns a dog, has kids or is pregnant! It is such a beautiful neighborhood! I Love New England!! It is so unpredictable and always keeps you guessing, especially with the weather, one day Bathing suit next day Snowsuits! 

The House is still coming together and as each room becomes "complete" I will snap some pictures and do an update.... The rooms that are really done thus far are the living room/reading area, kitchen, our bedroom and the dining room!! This weekend I will hopefully have pictures up of the sun porch, deck, the three bathrooms, spare bedrooms, office, garage, yard and the basement....Oh and the actual house itself. :o) Lots to do but Coming together nicely.

Our Cozy Living Room....This was from the Lake house but set up the same way in the new house. 


 Our Fire Place............The Note Book ;)

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Our Bedroom at the old house....I Love to see how the style has changed throughout the years and our Silly Dog Sam


Ralph's mom is.... hmmm whats the word..... oh ya AMAZING!!!!!!! She bought me a Beautiful Kitchen Aid that I've wanted for 8 Years!!!!!! This weekend has been filled with some Serious Baking, I cant even contain my excitement...I find myself wondering in the kitchen just to take a peek at it!!! THANK YOU SHARON xoxo Love Love Love Love my new kitchen aid!!!!!

 So I have a system to my hutch....The top shelf is for entertaining, Mixed drink & wine glasses, the second shelf is my Holiday Pottery Barn collection for Christmas and the bottom shelf is for Dinner Date Nights. In the cabinet underneath is where I keep the extra serving platters and Dining dishes.

 I Love details so You will notice all my window treatments have certain accent pieces that make them stand out, I'm a huge fan of "Clunky" pieces and I love dark woods or anything heavy...If that makes sense hahaha

 It was quit comical when I went to the Liquor Store to buy Wine for this floor Rack...I walk in and tell the man I need 8 bottles of Wine...He says "You having a Party?" I reply "No its just for decoration" I swear he thought I was Crazy!! It felt weird being in a Liquor Store, I think the last time I was in one was ten years ago to pick stuff up for a Party which even then I probably didn't even drink it. I've never been a Drinker, Neither is Ralph so these will probably never get opened unless we have guests over. Also the wine corks I got from a friend whom bar tends....But at a first glance you would think we are Huge Drinkers hahaha! I love the look of wine corks and have a few projects in mind for them! So if you have Wine Corks.... I NEED THEM!!

More Pictures to Come :o) 

Converting all my "Pink" dressing room stuff into a more neutral motif... (As you can see my new make-up brush holder...No More pink beads to hold my brushes...White with a necklace that I don't wear anymore and a Ring to make it look Super Cute.....I am contemplating whether or not to nix the idea of having a dressing room....I have my own bathroom in the new house and a huge walk in closet. Thinking Spare Bedroom and Office...That way when "Project Make Babies" Rolls around next year it will be an easy transition into a Nursery... Hmmm Decisions Decisions 

THE OFFICE IS DONE!!!! What a Great weekend, It was Beautiful out and one of my many things on my "To Do" list was to finish one of the empty rooms in our House!! I'm so Happy the Office is done, I decided to go with a "Beach" feel, the windows look out over the backyard and woods so it is very peaceful. 

The only thing that I already had for the room was the Marble Table, Nautica Curtains and tall lamp (which doesn't go but my new tall lamp has not come in yet) The Curtains and Marble table were my very 1st purchases as an "Adult" in my very first apartment!!! I was so excited to open up one of the Rubbermaid linens bins and find these Nautica Curtains!!! They match perfectly, and really tie in the Beach look. Oh and please ignore the water stain on the floor...That would be an entire bottle dumped out from my lovely dog wagging his tail!!! He must have really loved the new Office ;)
I wanted something on the Office Door to the House, although I would never put a sign that said "Office" in our Home, so I thought that the StarFish was a perfect touch! :o)
I LOVED this desk when I saw it at the Furniture store and knew I had to have it...One week later and here it is...I Purchased the Lamp, Chair and all the beach accessories at HomeGoods ( I LOVE H.G.)
I Loved this picture, scored it at home goods for $29.99
Ralph and I drink a TON of water....You will find baskets with water in EVERY room in our House!!! I used the Beach wood sculpture to hide the Plug outlet (ugly) haha

So Happy that room is Complete....We still have to finish up decorating the three bathrooms, basement and Spare bedroom....Will Blog once they are Done :o) 

Here is The Sunporch and the Hula Hoop chandelier that I made for $4 Dollars!!! 


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