Saturday, June 11, 2011

Ralph's Birthday

When May rolls around there is always a feeling of Question..... What to get Ralph for his Birthday. How do you shop for someone who buys everything he wants. I had NO Clue what to get him and was almost about to settle on a "Tattoo" Gift Certificate which I was Dreading, even having Nightmares about. I Hate Tattoo's, and I couldn't believe I was that clueless for a gift that I was resorting to something as permanent as a Tattoo. So the morning came when I would organize his birthday centered around a tattoo when two fighter jets went by my house (I have Never seen them before) I was scared, they were so loud and low it was crazy....Then it hit me, 6 years ago when Ralph and I first started dating in one of those 8 hour talks from the night to the early morning when you just cant get enough of someone new and you want to know every little thing about them, he told me one of his dreams was to learn how to FLY! That was it, I hopped on the internet found the closest local flight school, took the 45 min drive to pick up a gift certificate and it was settled, Ralph would learn how to fly for his Birthday!!!! With that said I went home and baked a 66 pound Flight cake with the color theme of his new flight school and bought mini airplanes so it would all tie together. I have to say it was a pretty creative and thoughtful gift hehe and He really LOVED it!!!

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