Thursday, March 26, 2015

Top 2015 Toddler Headwraps

Happy 2 MILLION hits Day... ok 2,073,899! I somehow missed this huge marker, but I still wanted to say Thank You to all of my readers!! Y'all are the best!!! I know its been busy with reviews the last couple of weeks but I still wanted to answer some readers questions!!! **I do read all of the love you leave...even if I don't get back to you right away!! Life with an 18 month old is Amazingly Crazy! Really I say that in the best possible way!! :) I'm having a blast with my spicy Sophia!

As of late the most requested posts have been "what do you feed your daughter" and "WHERE do You get all of her Head wraps!!!!???" When it comes to food I often wonder where my child came from....She is a super healthy eater unlike her momma. In the coming weeks I will capture her food consumption. In the mean time I will share with you all Our new line up for Spring and Summer!! I have searched high and low and I'm pleased to bring you the hottest and trendiest head wraps in the World...yes I said WORLD! Some being sought out as far as The United Kingdom!!!

Sophia has always liked to wear things on her head and often times runs to a mirror to say "aaaaaa and uuuuww" with a huge smile on her face! Besides her Freshly Picked Moccs head wraps have become a signature staple in her everyday wardrobe.

Here are the Top Head wraps of 2015

Miss Molly June Designs is a small shop for little ones. All items are handmade in New Mexico. Share your photos with them on instagram! @missmollyjunedesigns

About Miss Molly June Designs, "Creating adorable and unique handmade items for bambinos, tots and tykes!" If the headwraps weren't enough for me to go gaga over this shop the clothes have almost sent me over the edge! I love unique, I love trendy and these clothes are to die for! They are so cute, you really have to check them out for yourself!! Head over to shop at Miss Molly June Designs HERE You can also find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

This headwrap is so adorable and versatile! It is handmade from a fun stripped blue cotton fabric, measuring approximately 33" long and bow ends are approximately 3" wide and taper toward the back. The knot is not sewn shut so size can be adjusted for a perfect fit and small elastic band in the back to gives a little stretch as your child grows. 
This Headband stayed on Sophia ALL Day!! It is super comfy and she didn't mind having it on! Not to mention how adorable the print is!! We bought the perfect spring Sailor Girl outfit to match it! Comes in next week so stay tuned for more pictures soon!!
Can I get off track for just a second...this may be THE BATHING SUIT of the season! Pinch Me!

Get it HERE

The Rosie Marketplace is mother and daughter team. You all know my relationship with my mom so we LOVE and Support Mother Daughter teams! About the shop, "The Rosie Marketplace was named after my daughter/co-owners cat "Rosie". We offer trendy fashion accessory items as well as crafting supplies." They seriously have he most adorable items...You have to check them out! My favorite thing about these head wraps is the elastic back! Especially with how much Sophia is on the go!

Info on The Rosie Marketplace wrap, "The big bow headwrap has an elastic insert in the back for a perfect fit every time! The elastic at the neck ensures a great fit and stays on MUCH better than regular tieup headbands. Easy to tie in a perfect bow PLUS once it's tied you can simply slip off and on the head without having to re-tie each time. This is a GREAT feature of this headband because tying on a wiggly baby/child is not so easy to do."

Go shop at The Rosie Marketplace HERE You can also check them out on Facebook and Instagram

We are totally Digging Collective CreationsC I love mixed patterns especially Head wraps that can be switched around to look totally different!! I wore this one a few days ago (yes I steal my daughters head gear! It is just to cute!!! CCC has amazing quality!! 

About CCC, "My twin sis and I started CollectiveCreationsC in Jan. 2010 where we sold a variety of handmade accessories and treasures. Life happens though, and we both took a two year break to have babies and other endeavors! I will now be opening up my shop again, and will mostly be focusing on hair accessories! But I'm quite ADD and get bored easily so I can almost bet I'll find some other treasures to make too!! Thanks for stopping by! I hope you find something you love!!"

I LOVE that they also carry stuff for boys as well! It's so hard to find trendy things for if you have little men in your life too then this is the place for you!!!

Big Bow, Top Knot, or Turban Tie Baby Headwrap. Reversible Rose Black Floral and Grey and Black Polka Dot headwrap. Get two looks in one headwrap. This is a SHORT headwrap measuring approximately 42-43" long and 2.5-2.75" wide. Big Bow look is made for Babies and Young Toddlers but there are other ways to be worn by all ages. Made from 100% cotton fabric with NO stretch. Headwrap is a LONG STRIP of fabric that YOU TIE around head in the following ways:
Babies/Toddlers: Wear as shown tied once around and into a bow, wrap around twice and tie in top knot, or turban tie with tails tucked in back.

Child/Adult: Tied once with a small knotty bow , tied once with knot and tails in front or back, tie once with a square knot and tails tucked in, tie in knot or bow around ponytail or bun.

There's no wrong way to wear a headwrap, so be creative! You could even use it as a baby sash! Sophia will definitely be rocking this as a belt too!!!

There are a few quick tutorial videos their Instagram (CollectiveCreationsC) or Facebook page  of ways to tie the wrap. Go Check it out!!! You can go Shop at their Etsy store HERE

We have Fallen in LOVE with LITTLE FREE SPIRIT! About Little Free Spirit, "About three years ago, I had the grand idea to buy a sewing machine. No, I had never used one. No, I had no clue how to sew. No, I have no idea what I was thinking. BUT I'm happy I did it, because I found something I really love to do! Since then, I've taught myself how to sew, accumulated tons of fabric and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, which leads to the reason I wanted to open up shop.  I enjoy making things for my little free spirit, Parker Kaye, but I really want to spread the love. I can't wait to create accessories for you & your little free spirit, too!"

I can't even handle the cuteness of at Little Free Spirit! They truly embody what my child is about! These light whimsical head wraps are AMAZING!! Not to mention I'm a huge sucker for pretty packaging! It was like opening a fun present when the spectacular head wrap arrived! Go Shop HERE

You can Find Little Free Spirit on Etsy and Instagram @littlefreespiritshop

 This will be on Sophia's head probably everyday in the Spring and Summer! It is so light weight and gorgeous! Not to mention she Lights Up when I put it on her!!! The Quality is Fab and they have Awesome customer service!!! Go check out Little Free Spirit!!

About Sweet Darlings, "Welcome! I'm Stacey and I'm the owner and creator of Sweet Darlings. Married to my other creative half for 5 years, and mother to 2 beautiful daughters (7 & 4). I love to spend time crafting, playing with my kids, hiking/jogging."

Turban knit head wraps are stylish and modern. The fabric is soft jersey knit and stretchy, the bow is attached, a perfect look every time. They're a perfect accessory to any outfit and would look so cute in summer as well. We bought a Gold Romper So we are SUPER excited for this snow to melt!! We also received an adorable animal print that we are saving for a fun trip this weekend! Stay Tuned! You can Shop Sweet Darlings HERE You can find them on Facebook HERE


Your little girl will receive lots of compliments when wearing one of these cute headwraps! Sophia has worn it out of the house twice already and we were asked countless times where we got it!! I wish I had shop cards It would have been easier to just hand them out hahaha ;) HUGE HIT!!!

About the Head Wrap, "The print is tribal orange/deep coral on white with gold metallic bow. The headband is a lightweight, knit fabric is slightly different from the solid color headwraps. *These are thinner then my other headbands* If you would like a different color combination, different style etc feel free to message me. Accepting custom orders also! Please measure your little one's head, to ensure a proper fitting :) The attached bow measures at 6 inches and the width of the wrap is 3"
Head over and check them out HERE!! Use coupon code: MARCH10OFF to receive 10% off your order of $10 or more!!

Last but Not least CIAO BELLA DESIGNS!!!

About, "Hello and welcome to Ciao Bella Designs. Creating beautiful hair accessories that you will not find on the high street. Each piece is handmade with love and all of our fabric is sourced from within the United Kingdom. Ranging from our babies and child head wraps, to our adults retro turbans, there really is something for everyone. Follow us on Instagram @ciaobella_xo"

100% cotton fabric, inspired by Liberty of London, a blue hint of floral, sourced right here in the UK. These head wraps are available for babies/kids and adults,

I can't lie I actually bought a shirt that matched this head wrap and I will be rocking it at a baby shower this Saturday!! I will update with more pictures this weekend! Mom's can rock Head Wraps Too!!! I Love this print and especially love the quality!!

We also received another Head Wrap from Ciao Bella... The Stunning red tartan head wrap made with a stretch cotton fabric. 

*************** You will see Little Miss Sophia & Her Momma Rocking these Headwraps all Spring and Summer On the Blog!! Love them? Go Show some Love to the companies and purchase your own!!

Animal Trackers

Animal Trackers subscription boxes have received two thumbs up in this house! As a educator myself I automatically (unintentionally) start accessing toys with an "educational value"! Now that I not only have students but my own young impressionable mind to mold I want her to have it all! I go out of my way to search for items that will enhance her learning!
We received this product free for review but all opinions are 100% honest.

Animal Trackers is a new subscription box for children 3 year olds and up.  Each month, Bode Bear takes kids on an adventure to the African Savannah.  On your first month, your child will get Animal Trackers Club Safari Lunchbox. Sophia is obsessed with this lunchbox!!! The lunchbox will be where your child can stick their animal magnets, as well as store their animal figures and put their animal information card collection and the “Safari Animal Tracks” ringed set. If you have older kids there is fun for them too, Space Scouts, is for ages 6 and up!!

Product Details:

Bode Bear takes your child to the African Savanna where he tracks a variety of amazing animals. Begin the adventure with your Animal Trackers Club Safari Lunchbox. This lunchbox becomes a play station for the monthly animal magnets as well as storage for the animal play figures, animal information card collection and the “Safari Animal Tracks” ringed set.

Each monthly packet will include an Animal Trackers Club Information card with easy to follow and understand information about the animal being tracked that month. The packet will also include a play magnet to add to the lunchbox, a foam animal dress-up mask, and a realistic, hand-painted animal play figure. In addition, the packet will have a “Safari Animal Tracks” card for your ringed set, containing a real photo of the monthly animal as well as the track it leaves in the wild. Each monthly packet will also contain a learning activity and an art project created to develop the skills needed to become a proficient student and reader.


Your child's adventure begins with:
  • Introduction to the Animal Trackers Club
  • Animal Trackers Club Safari Lunchbox
  • African Savanna Information Card
  • Cover and Ring for the Safari Animal Photo Collection
  • Savanna Art Project
  • Savanna Animal Cards Activity
Each month your child will receive:
  • Animal Information Card
  • Animal Play Figure
  • Animal Foam Mask
  • Animal Magnet
  • Safari Animal Photo Card
  • Learning Activity
  • Art Project

Animal Trackers:
Cost: $11.95/mo, $36.00/3 months, $70.00/6 months, and $135.00/12 months
Shipping: $3.00 shipping per subscription plan.
The age requirement is 3 and up, which makes this package perfect for our FIRST trip to Disneyworld!! So I will be tucking it away after today! We are taking Sophia for her 3rd Birthday (yes we are crazy planners like that!) and I know all to well how hard it can be on a plane or waiting for a shuttle...with Animal Trackers ready to go fully supplied I know our child wont blink an eye! We plan on busting it out for the trip, pulling it out on a rainy day, setting it up on a bed tray for sick name it, Animal Trackers has our backs!!! From a professional Elementary teachers point of view...Animal Trackers did not miss a step! and already know my mommy side! ;)

Sign up for Animal Trackers Club and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

FabKids Subscription Box

I love little girl fashion. I have been having a blast outfitting Sophia but there are some days when I have no clue what to put on her! When I was offered a chance to review FabKids a monthly subscription clothing box I was so excited! I have been a fan before Sophia was born. What is so great about this subscription is the clothes are already styled! Not to mention the quality is fabulous and it is so easy to order! Plus you can always skip a month as long as you do so by the 5th and you have the ability to cancel at anytime!

There were so many choices to choose from but I finally narrowed it down to these adorable sequenced gold boots, star tutu and unicorn shirt!!! Sophia was so excited to put it on!! I can not get over the convenience of this box! Pick your outfit and it's ready at your door. No searching clothing racks or trying to pair things together! As a busy mom this is ideal!

Regular membership
Shop all outfits at regular retail prices                     
Outfit pricing starts at $42.00
VIP membership
First outfit $15 plus FREE shipping
Save up to 50% OFF retail prices
Exclusive VIP pricing
Personalized outfit picks
Earn FabKids reward points
Cancel at any time

Purchase your clothing subscription box at FABKIDS
The Price: $29.99 per month
Right Now:Buy 1 get 1 FREE

Friday, March 20, 2015

Viv & Lou Easter

We received these products free for review purposes but all opinions are 100% honest!

I can't believe Easter is almost here!!! I think I can't believe it because its still cold and we have mountains of snow everywhere! I'm slowly getting into the swing of warmer weather on the horizon.

We went to go see the Easter Bunny over the weekend. Sophia's Uncle Ryan went a half hour early and got in line and waited with screaming kids for over an hour so Sophia didn't have to....Uncle of the Year, I know!  She loved the bunny last year but I was worried how she would do this year!! How did it go you ask?! Well take a peek....The one on the left from 2014 and the one on the right from 2015!
I tried to recreate last years photo and was actually able to squeeze her in everything but the pants! We will try again right before Easter when we head to our town Easter Egg Hunt!

As Easter approaches I have been thinking a lot about which Easter Basket to get Sophia!!
 I love traditions and I love things that hold meaning.  I wanted Sophia to have an Easter Basket that she would get excited for year after year! That is why I was super excited to review Viv & Lou Pink Chevron Monogramed Easter Bucket! It is beautiful, durable and Sophia LOVES it!!! The colors are so vibrant and the lettering really stands out!!
Viv and Lou also have the cutest Easter Bows!! We received the white bow with the monogrammed S on it! It is so adorable!! Once Sophia has some more hair she will be rocking it all Spring long!

 I am just such huge fan of Viv & Lou as you might remember from my post this past fall! The quality is fabulous and they ship super quick!  Not to mention how great their prices are!! Head over to Viv & Lou now to order your Easter Baskets HERE!!!! It will really be here before you know it!!!!

"Our Pink Chevron Accessory Bucket is a versatile little bucket and can be used for gifts, toys, games, clothes and birthday parties. It has a collapsible design and an easy to carry handle making it perfect for small hands and easy transport. Measures: 9.5" Diameter x 8" H."

Viv & Lou also has Easter Baskets, Easter Hats and Bow + More!!

To check out more Viv & Lou and to shop go HERE!!! Don't forget to check them out on Facebook, Twitter , Pinterest and Instagram!! Happy Spring Y'all!!!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Buddhi Subscription Box

I'm doing YOGA people!!! Oh and trying to eat "healthy" so the opportunity to bring you a review for a super awesome company couldn't have come at a better time!!! I bring you... BuddhiBox which is a yoga subscription box that sends 4-6 deluxe and full size yoga and healthy lifestyle products.  Boxes are $30.95/ month and are made for people who love yoga and/or people who want to live a healthy lifestyle.  Most of the items you will find in the box are organic and vegetarian.

About The Buddhi Box:
Cost: $30.95/month, $27.95/month for 6 months, $25.95/month for 12 months.
What’s in the box? BuddiBox ships you a curated box of 4-6 products that enhance your yoga practice and lifestyle. BuddhiBox practices Saucha or pure living. We only partner with businesses that follow ethical and conscious standards of production. Most of the items we feature are organic and vegetarian.
When does the box ship?  On the 10th of the month!
“You are the sky.  Everything else is just the weather”- Pema Chodron.
The information card is amazing, it lists everything in the box, along with retail values and whether the item is vegan, organic and cruelty free.
Every month contains a new yoga pose. For a newbie like myself its great to learn something new each month.  This month’s pose is "Tree Pose." If the picture is not informative enough for you the back of the card has full instructions on how to do each pose.
I have yet to hit up the grocery to try the new recipe from the box, kitchari, a traditional Ayurvedic dish.  I will post pictures and let you know how it is once I do!! I'm always looking to try new healthy recipes so I thought this was great!
MamaKuka – YogaShere Medium Strap $8.00  This strap is used to hold in different yoga poses.  By using this strap it enhances safety, alignment, and stability. This is also vegan and cruelty free. I think this will take some practice as I am new at yoga, but from the few poses I tried it really helped in assisting with them!
SacredxStones Mini-Mala Bracelet $10.00  Malas are uses to keep count while you are reciting matras or affirmations.  standard malas have 108 beads, but this mini mala has 54. It is adorable. 
AILA Cosmetics – Namaste Nail Lacquer $17.00  This nail polish is vegan, cruelty free and organic. I love the shade of this polish...and love it even more that it is vegan,  organic and cruelty free. You would be shocked if you researched some name brand polishes that you see advertised on TV. I have since thrown mine all out!
Quinntessentials Hand Sanitizer in lemon:  This hand sanitizer is made with organic lemon, rosemary essential oils and isopropyl alcohol.This is vegan, organic and cruelty free.  I'm a huge fan of sanitizer but not the chemicals that are typically used in them. So we LOVE this!!
Wellness by Helen Ayurvedic 100x Washed Rosewater Ghee $15.00  This is a lotion that is washed 100 times with purified water and scented with rosewater.  It is organic and cruelty free. I fully agree with Wellness by Helen motto, not to put anything ON your body that you wouldn't put IN your body! So True!!!
BlendBee – Love Oolong Time Organic Tea $2.50  This tea is made with oolong, peppermint, hibiscus, lavender and licorice root.  This contains antioxidants and is designed to awake your body up. This is vegan, cruelty free and organic. I don't drink tea but I'm excited to give it a shot!
Cant forget FUN for Sophia with a  temporary tattoo from Ohm K ! Head over and check them out!!!
Overall: This box has a retail value of over $60!  I was blown away by products I wouldn't normally purchase and was so happy to be introduced too! I have fallen in love with the hand sanitizer and I love the idea of a box curated for my well being! There is such a good energy about this box and company that I would highly recommended it to EVERYONE! Well worth the money. You can Sign up for your Buddhi Box HERE
*I received this product free for review purposes but all opinions are 100% honest.
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