Friday, July 5, 2024

Our favorite Backpacks for College & Back to School

    Summer is in full swing!!!! I LOVE being home with my girls and going on adventures!!! So far it has been jam packed but the teacher in me has my eyes on September! There is an immense amount of work that needs to get done, and I’m one of those type A personalities that likes to get it all done in advance! From clothes to backpacks! I will also be going back to FSU in the fall part time to take a few courses I was interested in. My backpacks prior have only lasted a year. I have been on the quest for something functional yet sustainable. The backpacks from Day Owl were my first choice and the ultimate  Backpack for college !! I knew my girls would love them as well…. They have slim designs that still have all the same qualities I was looking for! In general, every product that Day Owl has come up with has been top notch! 

     The biggest issue we dealt with this past school year was the Stanley trend. My girls love their Stanley's, but they would leak all the time! Reason being, they did not fit in the side pocket and would put them in the main compartment with their school supplies! Their bags were constantly wet and the things inside were getting wet! With Day Owl there is a special compartment that fits everything from a Stanley to a bottle of wine, perfect for a girls weekend on the beach hahhahaha best part, it is lined with water repellent neoprene, GAME CHANGER!! No more worrying about her books getting wet, and with Sophia and I having to bring a Chromebook daily this year, I'm extremely happy about this feature.  

     There are so many amazing colors over at Day Owl!! Which one is your favorite?!? I am patiently waiting for the sold out pine green color to come back in!! I have to have it!!! Sophia LOVES her Dusk Grey and Ari is going with the smaller version called the slim pro for second grade! Sophia is going into 5th and I've had to buy her a new bag every year as well! I’m done! I'm looking for quality now, and Day Owl is our go to! Not to mention Day Owl makes their products from recycled landfill-bound materials! I could go on and on about their mission but just google Day Owl and read up on what they are all about! Simply an amazing company that is truly making a difference globally! 

    Ari is a Tommy Bahama fan, as much as I like their clothes the backpack she chose last year just didn't hold up. We had zipper issues and the quality just didn’t meet the demands of a busy 1st grader! I absolutely adore the prints from Tommy Bahama and assumed when she picked her style she’d be good for the year… the ever changing minds of kids and trends can be quick! She complained that it didn’t go with certain outfits. Day Owl goes with everything! I love that as interest grow the girls can incorporate patches to their Day Owl bags this coming school year! 

I am super excited for this summer! Stay tuned for Back to School pictures with our Day Owl backpacks next month!!! Enjoy the rest of your July everyone!!!!! ❤️🤍💙

Monday, April 22, 2024

Solar Eclipse Party

                     SOLAR ECLIPSE PARTY 2024!!! 

Wow what a great experience it was to see!! We had the best afternoon! Our whole neighborhood came together to celebrate! We tend to make things a big deal around here! It is the magical unicorn of all neighborhoods! Like one big family!! I couldn't help but share some of our day!! Did you all see it?!?! Any followers who had full totality?? I really wish we had taken the drive to Maine but we still had a magical afternoon!! 

My must have ripped jeans and gold hoops for Spring

HAPPY MONDAY! We have such a busy few months with end of school approaching and sports! I'm so excited to jump into this spring and summer!! Arabella also competed in her first the starting line of THE BOSTON MARATHON!! The most iconic places to start! There was so much excitement in the air!! It was a beautiful start to spring in New England!!

We are beyond proud of her!! After the race we went to a beautiful benefit and raised funds for The Boston Marathon!! It was casual but I wanted a touch of elegance! Picking out spring outfits have been a no brainer lately. I've really streamlined my jewelry collection and just want quality pieces so these stunning hoop earrings from Aurate are my absolute favorites! You all know Aurate is my ultimate go to for stunning pieces!! 

I'm always mixing up golds and silvers together, but I adore my staple pieces! I've also been obsessed with lace tops paired with high rise ripped jeans. Casual & Classy. Abercrombie somehow made its way back into my life... crazy it was my high school destination in 2002 and now I'm just as obsessed as an adult mother. I just ordered two pairs of these and I'm anxiously waiting for the package to arrive of these gorgeous ripped high rise jeans.  

I'm determined to downsize my clothes and only have things I wear daily! This is the year of decluttering!! My makeup mostly consists of neutral colors from Ogee and Aurate New York is my go-to for jewelry.   

What are some of your favorite hoop and huggie earrings!?! Do you have a go to makeup line?! What are your decluttering secrets!? This is the year I streamline my life. My ultimate goal for 2024!! Updates to follow and a BIG Starbucks giftbag giveaway coming as we approach the 4 million mark!! We hope you all enjoyed your Marathon Monday!!

Enjoy your spring y’all! Here is our girl on the finish line!!! You ROCKED this Arabella!!

XO, Sarah 

Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Power Stepping right into Spring

 Spring has sprung!!!! And we have exciting news!!!! Our family has grown by four paws 🐾 Introducing the newest member, BEN!!! Benny boy is the sweetest Frenchie! We lost our dogs due to old age in the fall, and it was completely devastating. Sammie was 19 and Joshy was 16... I know they lived the best life but there was such a huge hole in our hearts. The house felt empty, and a crazy string of events led our sweet Benny Boy home a few months later! He is everything we needed and then some! His crazy puppy antics keep us on our toes, and we are loving every second of it! 

Now that the warm weather is approaching, we are eager to get out and do all the exciting things with our new pup!!! Both girls are signed up for Spring Softball! Ralph of course will be volunteering out on the field! He’s been dealing with foot pain, and we finally found something that will give him relief! It’s these amazing top of the line insoles for plantar fasciitis. He feels like a new person, even his podiatrist recommended these insoles! They did not disappoint! He also said it’s weird being pain free… and I’m relieved because I know he will be spending hours on the softball fields with our girls!!! I can't rave enough about these! If you ever deal with foot pain or trouble with posture you need to check them out! Seriously you have to head over to PowerStep, you won't be disappointed. Even if it's just to get information, Ralph learned so much about what is causing his foot pain. Foot health is so important especially if you are a busy parent constantly on the go like us! They are all about relief and prevention! Ralph has me convinced that I need insoles as well... I don't have foot pain, but I have hip pain and after reading all the information he believes that it is rooted in my feet and how I walk! I'm going to give it a go too! These are the ones Ralph got, did I mention they are heat moldable for an exact fit! 

We have opening day in April!! Can’t believe how quick time is flying by! With both girls now into softball we knew we needed gear! We went with Academy for their sportswear and a few things from Epic Sports!! You all know I’m a sucker for anything monogrammed so I’m tempted to buy themed softball cups with their names, but I know come summer we will be right back into the thick of cheer! Ralph also thinks we have a crazy cup obsession so we will just stick with the 100 travel cups we already have hahaha Soccer has officially been dropped from our lineup hahahha I think this makes Ralph happy as he was never a soccer fan! Now we gear up for an incredible softball season before cheerleading starts in August... and you all know we go "MIA" missing in action come the busy cheer season! We can't wait.... this year NATIONALS in Florida! We know these girls can do it!! 

I hope you all have an amazing week!!!! I’m excited for this season!!! Stay tuned as I will be sharing our favorite spring recipes and activities!!  


Wednesday, May 31, 2023

My New Obsession: Gold Rings

                             Happy Spring!! 

I have this obsession with gold rings lately, tell me I’m not the only one?! I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect ones for spring and summer.  I love that gold rings can dress up any outfit.  I’ll share my latest outfit details and my two new additions, I’ve been loving!! My absolute favorite gold rings are by Aurate… these are my everyday wears because they are so durable and affordable! The quality is top notch, and the designs are always contemporary and modern styles! No lie, I could go nuts on their website… truly stunning works of art! 

I love to mix and match designs and I’m big on golds and silvers together! I’ve styled these two pieces so many ways with my wedding rings! Which is a classic engagement ring featuring two brilliantly round diamonds precisely cut to frame a stunning center stone it truly pairs with everything! For my additions I chose the Crossover and Skinny Love Me Knot gold rings!! 

My classic jean jacket was paired with a flowy floral print dress and oversized two toned floppy sun hat. My new stunning gold rings from New York's, Aurate was the perfect accessory for this spring outfit in the tulip farms. 

If you want to create the ideal at home jewelry collection you need quality jewelry that will withstand everyday wear!! My top two are Tiffany & Co. and Aurate New York.  I also can’t rule out rings from Monica Vinader as there are a few that caught my eye!  Though nothing surpasses my crossover and skinny love me knot additions! They are lightweight and just incredibly classy! 

Here is the latest from Aurate! I’ve put them on my husbands radar… Maybe an “I survived the school year” reward. As a busy mom of two, I have been in the car constantly with school activities & sports! 

gold rings

You can also easily pair gold rings with a cute romper or even dress up a pair of cut off jean shorts and a tucked in tank!! I’m planning on pairing my new duo for a date night with my husband on Saturday! Now that the kids are older we can head out for an evening without feeling like we are rushed (even though we tend to rush or just bring the kids along 🤣) I know we need some alone time, but these babes are growing up SO FAST and we don’t want to miss a thing! 

gold rings

What are some of your favorite gold rings!?! Have you hopped on the stacking ring trend!?! Show me in the comments, I love seeing what you ladies are rocking!!! 

Enjoy your spring y’all! & Stay tuned for my Beach Must Haves!!!! 



Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Hop into Spring with Kelestic On the Go Pharmacy

We are in full swing of end of the year school events, spring sports, school activities and travel!! I’ve noticed that having extreme organization at home and in my car make for such a smooth transition from school, home, softball/soccer fields and vacations. There are several “must haves” on my list but Kelestic On the Go Pharmacy is right at the top!!! Between seasonal allergies, Sophia’s sensitive skin and need for Benadryl if she is bitten by any bug or just the “go go go” headache, I’m able to have my entire medicine cabinet with me at all times!!! I also love being able to help out a fellow parent if they are in need of something at a game or the park! Life is BUSY and no one wants to suffer at the ball field when allergies kick up or a headache comes on! 

This small container system is the ultimate organizational tool!!! Once purchased they will email you mini labels you can use for a custom box… or follow the sizing chart to make custom labels for prescription pills! On the flaps that flip up I also penciled in anything I needed to know such as dosage and expiration dates. I’m telling you all to RUN and get this container!!! Perfect for travel too!! The quality is top notch durable plastic and all 10 compartments are very secure.  The sizing is what got me… Size: 2.4" x 3.7" x 1.18"!!! Fill it up and toss in your purse, center console in your car or even your pocket! 

You will have your own personal mini on the go pharmacy at your disposal! The convenience alone is worth it… imagine the space ten pill bottles and medication packaged boxes would take up if you were to travel with it all!? This is the ultimate solution to fit anyone’s lifestyle! 

I’m also a sucker for all things “mini” and the tiny little labels are just too cute!!!! Kelestic On the Go Pharmacy is having a big sale right now!! You can go HERE to purchase now!!! They also have different colors!!! Happy Shopping!! Stay tuned for more must haves!! And thank you to my awesome followers as we are about to hit the 4 million mark! You all ROCK!! 



Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Spring has Sprung and we are almost ready thanks to our new under the desk equipment!!

    Spring has crept in out of nowhere! We had the weirdest weather living on the outskirts of Boston, Massachusetts we see a lot of snow. In fact, New England is known for its crazy winters! Winter this year was almost nonexistent. We had one storm and even then, it didn't give us the snow count we were expecting. I started my spring cleaning during the winter because I refuse to spend the beautiful days trapped in the house organizing. I've had to catch up on a lot of work-related material, so I feel like most of my days have been spent in front of the computer or doing house projects. I'm about to tell you all my secret to "doing it all" while trying to be a wife, mom, employee, daughter and maintain good health for myself. It is being able to work out while getting my "work" done so I'm not spread so thin. Have you all heard of Cubii?!? If not, your mind is about to be blown! This literally replaced our elliptical and total gym in our home. This and I say this in the best way, highly addicting under the desk exercise equipment has my husband and I working out daily!! 

        Regardless of your schedule anyone can fit in time... mine happens during my workday as the Cubii fits right under my desk and Ralph's happens when he gets home from work while listening to the girls' school day and while he catches up on emails or watches a show. It is so easy that it doesn't matter your age or body type. Just sit in a chair and go! Mind you this only took a minute to set up!! I downloaded the Cubii app, and we were ready to go! There are even guided workouts if you'd like to follow instructions. The possibilities are endless. My husband has his set up to his apple health, this has been huge with his recovery from a recent knee injury that had him stop using our elliptical. I have it synced to my Fitbit. It's crazy how this under the desk portable piece of equipment seemingly replaced all of our big bulky equipment! We have even talked about selling all of it and utilizing all of that downstairs gym space into a crafting/playroom for our girls! With that added space we can get out more because the girls can have friends over and we can hire a sitter... maybe finally get out and start going on dates again. I'll have to go back to my 200 Date Night Ideas!

       I can't say enough good things about Cubii!! Ralph often has leg pain that keeps him up at night but since starting Cubii his sleep has improved and just his overall energy level and mood has improved! We are about to hit SPRING sport season and you all know that means hours on soccer and ball fields.... I have no shame in brining my Cubii with me to get in an hour work out while cheering on our girls. YES I'll post pictures hahaha you all know me! I honestly feel like this was made for EVERYBODY!! Every lifestyle, every weight, every ability.... Cubii truly fits into any lifestyle.  If you get a chance, check them out. You won't be fact you will be wondering how you ever lived without one! I even started to eat healthier and tried my famous frozen yogurt bites for a sweet treat after dinner tonight! 

      One thing that I really love about Cubii is, it has over 300 professional led classes... if you are wondering how is this different than other equipment that offers expert-led classes.... it's FREE!! You don't need to pay a monthly fee to utilize all Cubii has to offer! The Cubii itself is so cost effective that we are planning on getting a second one for our home! I'm also a firm believer in great company's... not just good company's but GREAT COMPANIES!! I have a sweet spot for companies that give back... like Bombas! You all know my love for Bombas... the sock company that you "buy a pair, they give a pair"!  Well to me Cubii is up there with my well-loved companies. Cubii is so dedicated to making exercise available to everyone that they have donated more than 2,500 Cubii's to those who may be facing hardships in their lives with the opportunity to regain their health. 

       The quality is top notch along with the ability to move it and exercise almost anywhere. This compact under the desk exercise equipment is the best of the best. Did I mention how quiet the Cubii is?!? I'm even able to jump on work calls! I'm telling you, join the Cubii Community you won't be disappointed. So many others there to cheer on your victories and make connections in wellness together. 

     Now back to my house!! The decluttering continues! If any of you know of a good storage for cleaning supplies send me links to what you are using! I feel like under my sinks is one area where it's all lacking!! Here is my inspiration picture... 

I know I can get there! It is crazy how stress free our home is becoming. It's true when they say less is more! I don't spend hours on end picking up stuff now that we have gotten a lot out! 



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