Saturday, March 17, 2012

Cilantro Green Chile Penne

Happy St.Patty's Day Y'all!!!!!
Ralph and I are not Irish nor are we fans of Boiled Dinners...Especially Corned Beef and Cabbage...In Fact the very thought of it makes me and him gag! I still wanted to do something festive and "Green" I love to celebrate Every Holiday!! So tonight we will be having a pasta and chicken dish...Take a peek.
Cilantro Green Chile Penne

  • cooked penne pasta- 1 lb
  • cilantro- 1 bundle
  • diced green chiles- 3 7oz. cans DO NOT DRAIN
  • queso fresco cheese- 1 round
  1. boil pasta in salted water, drain and return to pan
  2. pull leaves from cilantro and place in blender
  3. add green chiles with juices to blender
  4. add about 3/4 of cheese to blender
  5. blend together on medium speed until sauce forms, but do not over-blend
  6. pour sauce over cooked penne and heat until bubbly, just a few minutes
  7. serve garnished with remaining crumbled cheese

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