Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Spring Cleaning Checklist

                                                    Spring Cleaning Checklist

  • Wash or repaint white Baseboards, inside and outside of doors, ceilings fans, windowsills, and walls.
  • Vacuum whole house, replace old outlet faceplates and wash vents.
  • Wash all curtains
  • Dust and wash blinds 
  • Wash Windows for the outside I use the pressure washer.
  • Clean all your light fixtures 
  • deep clean rugs 
  • Throw away old sponges 
  • Groom your pets and wash all bedding 
  • PURGE, clothes, shoes, household items
  • Deep clean stove and all appliances
  • Deep clean bathrooms and tubs
  • Replace or wash shower curtains
  • Clean Cabinets 
  • Go through old medicine, makeup and beauty products and check expiration dates  
  • Clean out pantry of any old food and donate anything you won't eat that is not expired 
  • Clean and sanitize trash cans, leave them out in the sun to dry 
  • Go through sports equipment, get rid of junk 

27 Things to do this Spring

 27 Things to do this Spring!!!

Plant your own vegetables.... get dirty!

Cherry Blossoms has bloomed, pick some!

Pack up your kids and the dog and due a walking trail. 

Go for a Picnic 

Sign up for a spring sport... Both girls are doing soccer this year, Ralph is coaching!! 

Go see a band outside

Plant flowers 

Go hug a tree... go barefoot and ground yourself with the earth's energy. 

Go to a farm.... see the baby animals

Plant a tree... we planted a mini-Japanese maple for Ralphs mom on Mother's Day

Go to a pond, toss rocks in or fish

Go hiking 

Find a waterfall

Play a family game of softball

Build a fairy garden 

Pick up trash.... help your plant

Visit the beach... its chilly still but the cool air and sound of the waves is super therapeutic 

Build a bird house, put up a hummingbird feeder

Use sidewalk chalk and blow bubbles

Go to a farmstand and get local fruits and veggies

Go horseback riding 

Ride a bike

Go see a movie at the Drive In 

Do yoga in the grass

Turn off your electronics, be one with nature 

Spring clean and become a minimalist, clutter becomes a heavy burden and affects your overall wellbeing. 

Go to a Tulip Farm and pick tulips!

JUST GET OUTSIDE.... life is so beautiful, enjoy this life! 
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