Monday, April 1, 2013

Getting Hitched

Wedding Plans:

            I found the “Wedding  Organizer” that I had purchased when Ralph and I first started dating over 8 years ago…Nuts I know! But I knew from literally {Hello} that he was “The One.” I opened it up and so many memories came flooding back. I had such BIG Plans for us, I Still Do!

            It’s….Hmmm….Struggling for the right word; I don’t want to say sad but rather a different feeling as I flip through my cherished book. Things have changed so much. As I’m lightly drawing hearts around my grandfather’s name who is no longer with us here on earth. As I begin to think of different ways to honor him at my Wedding…Never imagining he wouldn’t be here for it.

            I continue to flip through the pages….knowing changes need to be made. Eraser in hand…as I gently erase the box that had been filled in: Maid Of Honor.  That was a weird moment for me. Within that box was the name of my very best friend, the girl that honestly knew me better than I knew myself at times. We had gone through our wild youth, crazy teens and eventually into adulthood with one another… Somewhere along the line-----We lost that friendship.  Life moved on and time healed that hole of friendship lost. New friends filled that hole with laughter & love and old friends stood fast as I grew as a person, holding my heart every step of the way. I still have my very best friends whom I consider the root too many of my happiness, But there is a strange feeling as I erase my once best friend and a whole table setting that would have seated her entire family that for a majority of 12 years considered my own.

            Friendship lost is never easy…but hold fast in knowing God’s Ultimate Plan.

To keep those in your life who belong and to wish those no longer in your life well.
Wedding Plans are in FULL SWING. I have everything done and the very few tidbits that are left are being handled with grace as I prepare to throw the most magical OCTOBER wedding this year!! 7 months will come very quickly…..

On the 126 count  list of things to do….

                   I have THREE things left……

                                                                           VENUE/FOOD & DJ

I would say I’m pretty prepared and more than ready to Marry the Man of My Dreams!  
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