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I Love products that make life easier!! That is why I have fallen Head Over Heels for SNOOFYBEE!!!! I can not get enough of this genius design! I swear the best products come from the minds of parents who are trying to make life less stressful and enjoyable for their kids! Sophia was so unhappy being changed when she was little...yes it got better with time but this would have made life so much easier! Even now at two I'm constantly trying to keep her hands away or distract her. Snoofybee has been wonderful for that!! I love it when we are out too!! Ralph and I plan on more kids and I know Snoofybee will play a big part in our babies lives!
What is it?
Snoofybee is a unique 3in1 Changing Pad, and the first of it's kind. After raising more than $125,000 on Kickstarter, Snoofybee is on a mission to make diaper changes an easier and happier time.

How Does it Work?
Using a patented design, your baby is gently distracted by the soft barrier, keeping their hands out of the mess down below. Snoofybee also lays completely flat for a more traditional changing surface. When you're done, fold it back up into a portable clutch - so easy it can be done with one hand!

3in1 Design
Snoofybee is a Changing Pad, a Play Mat and a Diaper Clutch - all in one. Take it every where you go for stress-free diaper changes. Once you try it, you'll never want to go back.

It also makes the perfect baby shower gift!! Something unique that every parent needs!!

The SnoofyBee Clean Hands Changing Pad is not your ordinary diaper changing pad. It provides all the benefits of a standard portable changing pad and diaper clutch plus a patent pending barrier to hang toys from and keep your child's hands out of the mess. Once you have tried it, you will wonder where it has been all your life.

Key Features

Changing Pad
  • Water resistant wipe-clean surface
  • 1/4" thick foam pillow keeps baby comfortable on any surface
  • Certified safe and PVC free
Diaper Clutch
  • Folds small for parents on the go
  • Fits diapers, wipes, and supplies folded inside
  • Portable hassle-free diaper changing anywhere
  • Sides attach to form  a gentle barrier that keeps baby's hands away from the diaper mess
  • Built-in Loops allow for hanging toys on the barrier (***toys not included***)
  • Baby's hands remain free to play
  • Barrier adjusts to fit growing baby. (It accommodates up to 22 inches around the lower chest)

Care Instructions:

Machine washable delicate setting. Air dry. Do not iron directly.  This product is made of polyester and direct contact with an iron may cause damage.  If ironing is needed please place a layer of fabric over it before ironing.
Do not apply straight bleach to this product (a dilution of 1:32 works well as a disinfectant)

Product Dimensions: 

Changing Surface:  27” long, 13” inches wide.  When the barrier is laid flat it increases the width to 26”. 
Closed:  13” wide, 7” tall and 3” thick

Recommended age:

Newborn to 2 years old.

Still works great for my 2.5 year old. She thinks its GREAT!!

Best baby product you will own....Head over and purchase yours now!!! Head over to their website HERE, you can also find Snoofybee on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram

Chococurb for Mothers Day!

I'm so excited for another Mothers Day with my mini! We really enjoy all of our day's together but there is something extra special about Mothers Day! This year we get to enjoy the Day with  - Chococurb mini.  Each mini box contains three delicious artisan chocolate items and is available for a one month, three month, or six month subscription.  It's everything that people love about Chococurb in a smaller, more affordable package.  
Here is what came this Month:

Ethereal Confections - Macadamia Nuts + Raspberries + Kaffir Lime

Dried raspberries and macadamia nuts grace the top of this organic 66% dark chocolate bar. Kaffir lime adds a taste of the unexpected, resulting in a deliciously cohesive flavor experience.

Potomac - Dark + Salt 70%

Potomac’s San Martín 70% dark chocolate sprinkled with flake sea salt. Made from cacao grown by the Acopagro Co-op in the Amazonian highlands of San Martín, Peru. An initial salty burst enhances the bright, fruity notes of banana, raisin and berries.

Last but not least there was jcoco: Black Fig Pistachio in Dark Chocolate

jcoco is a remarkable new line of American couture chocolate. Like fashion's haute couture, jcoco draws inspiration from cultures across the globe to create a fresh, contemporary style. Owner Jean Thompson (the “j” in jcoco) and her team push the culinary edge to create original flavor combinations that are always chic and approachable, never pretentious or overworked.

At jcoco, they source the very finest chocolate, including a 72% noble dark cacao from Belgium and a full-bodied milk chocolate from the tiny island nation of Vanuatu in the South Pacific. Then they add intriguing ingredients to create distinctive flavors that complement, rather than overwhelm, their extraordinary chocolate.

Another notable Chococurb update is that they have expanded their shipping operations.  Besides North America, they are now able to ship to Mexico, Europe, Asia, and Oceania. For all my international readers or just to send gifts abroad this is for you!! ;)

If you want the Original Bigger Box you Sign up for Chococurb and each month, and they will surprise you with 5 to 7 personally selected, extraordinary chocolate treats. You'll love discovering new chocolates and enjoy everything they send!! It really is a fabulous way to try new chocolate you normally wouldn't buy! I love discovering new things and I LOVE chocolate! This box seriously couldn't get any better! I really enjoy to pamper myself and this box comes packaged like a beautiful gift...tissue paper and all!

How it works from the peeps over at Chococurb:


Tell us what you love and each month, we'll deliver a personalized box of extraordinary chocolate right to you. You'll get to try products from craft chocolate makers as well as beloved chocolatiers.


Check out the original content on our blog to learn more about everything chocolate. You'll become an expert in no time. I can not believe how much I have learned about chocolate!

I mean what else can I say, Chococurb is Awesome!!! Chocolate delivered to your doorstep once a month, Heaven! Chococurb costs $35 for a monthly subscription, $33 for a three-month subscription ($99 total), or $30 per month for a six-month subscription! Not to mention if you opt for the mini it breaks down to Only $20 for one month, $19 a month for the 3 month subscription ($57) and $18 a month for the 6 month subscription ($108)!! SCORE!!!  

Have Questions about Chococurb head over to their website HERE and ask...They have amazing customer service and would be more than happy to help! You can also check them out on FACEBOOK, TWITTER, PINTEREST, and INSTAGRAM

Head over now to check out Chococurb HERE!! Just in time for Mother's Day and something the ladies in your life will love!! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY EVERYONE!

*I received this product free for review purposes.
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