Wednesday, December 21, 2016

My Wedding Favors

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I am completely in LOVE with My Wedding Favors company! They have EVERYTHING you could possibly imagine!! is amazing, a one stop shop to please not only the Bride & Groom but everyone involved in the wedding! They give EVERY holiday and event that special something! Don't just think wedding either...these are perfect gifts for ALL!!! Teachers, neighbors, family, friends, postal name it! The ultimate stocking stuffers, party favors, dinner gifts, really you name it!!!

Take a peek at our Holiday Bundle!!! I am over the moon for These Mr. & Mrs. mugs! They are so cute and festive!!!!
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These snowflake measuring spoons make the perfect wedding favors or stocking stuffers! ❄❄❄
SHOP: We have them out and ready for Christmas Cookie's tonight! They will be a holiday staple for years to come!!!

Christmas Wedding Decorations: Snowflake Coasters
As we are getting ready to have Family and Friends over for the holidays I have been paying attention to every detail. I want it to be a magical experience and these sparkly snowflake coasters are a definite must have!! "Made of a fun felt, Kate Aspen's Gold Glitter Snowflake Felt Coasters are sure to be a hit when you're celebrating your winter wedding or holiday party! These adorable snowflake-shape coaster winter wedding favors will fit in seamlessly with any type of holiday decor, and the gold glitter brings in a touch of shine and class."

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Snowflake Place Card Holder and Ornament (Set of 4) A vivid image of winter's beauty and a versatile wedding favor your guests will enjoy until season's end! More than just a place card holder and ornament that shines with style, this delicately designed snowflake with classic black ribbon is also a keepsake magnet and a cool photo frame waiting to warm hearts on a blustery day. Favor measures 3 3/4" x 3 1/4". Center (for picture or name card) measures 1 ¼" x 1 ¼".

I LOVE THESE Snowflakes!!! We are using them for our Holiday Dinner Party and giving them as a parting gift when our guest leave...something they can cherish for years and years as they pull them out every year for their tree!!
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A little but about this Amazing Company from the peeps over at My Wedding Favors,

"We strive to help every bride and groom prepare for their special day. It's our belief that the little things - a favor, a gesture, a simple thought put into action - speak volumes in all the special occasions of your lives. Wedding favors are rapidly becoming a bona fide tradition, as brides and grooms look for the perfect way to thank their guests. Our vast selection includes ideas to please and amaze every design sense and wedding vision. The My Wedding Favors team of buyers search the world over, drawing from artists and artisans alike in their search for striking, elegant favors you can be proud to give your guests, and they'll be happy to take home and remember. From theme wedding to destination reception favors, from favors that feature the elegance of Asia to the romance of the four seasons to the carefree whimsy of the beach - you'll find it all here!"

"We're making a name for ourselves, too. My Wedding Favors has been featured in Modern Bride magazine, Brides, and many others."

"Our help doesn't stop with the sale, either. The My Wedding Favors' expert customer relations and support staff is available Monday through Friday to handle your questions, concerns, and decisions leading up to the big day. If you're looking for a friendly ear, some down-to-earth advice, or simply a little cheerful encouragement, we're here for you."

We hope you enjoy browsing our on-line catalog and our fun bridal and wedding ideas and looking over our complete selection of wedding and bridal reception favors, wedding accessories, and gifts for your bridesmaids and groomsmen gifts too. We even have a breezy selection of novelty gifts and fun notions, and a range of invitations - as you can see, we've thought of everything! Above all else, we wish you the best - now and in the future - as you plan your very special occasion."

Have questions?!!? Reach out to the team over at My Wedding Favors!! They have the best customer service and everyone is super friendly!!! You will NOT be disappointed with My Wedding fact I know you will be back again and again!!! Great items for stocking stuffers, party stuffers, gifts, wedding supplies, decorations...really just EVERYTHING!! They have it all!!!! I can not rave enough about this company!!

Go SHOP My Wedding Favors HERE, don't forget to check them out on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Google!!!


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HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!!!!! I have been pampering myself all month long and by pampering I mean only using the BEST of KLOVERBOX!!!! You all know this.....I LOVE Kloverbox Subscriptions!! I love natural and organic products and as always I'm on the hunt for new products...I LOVE what came in the December Box Subscription for Klover Box! It's the perfect way to get introduced to new companies and products that you may be leery to try or have never heard of! I always give a product a week or two to see results. So far there has not been one product that I have been disappointed in! These Kloverboxes are curated with the top of the line products!

I've been calm through this month of craziness and I swear it is because of my new Drops of Joy Jewelry!!!!!! I just adore this bracelet!! The natural stones are super porous and I'm able to use some of my favorite essential oils with it!!! I literally just place a drop on the stones and I'm able to enjoy the aroma. HEAVEN especially with my new favorite Yoganics Holiday Cheer Essential Oil blend!!! I mean seriously what's not to love!! 

My favorite product of the month.....
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rå goods- Refresh Your Face Toner is perfect for this time of year, and it's made with pure ingredients that show your skin some serious love! It is hydrating, cooling, and has all the skin nourishing ingredients your skin needs to look super healthy. This toner will effectively clean and protect your skin, balance the PH, and prepare it for your favorite moisturizer or serum. Feeling a little tired in the afternoon, give your face and neck a little spritz. The Frankincense will be soothing to your senses, while the Lemongrass restores your energy. Use coupon code KLOVERBOX20 and receive 20% off @

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Timeless Organics Skin Care- Muscle Soak- Unwind and de-stress from the craziness of the holidays with this relaxing Timeless Muscle Soak. This 100% pure -muscle soak blend delivers a spa-quality experience by harnessing the power of ancient sea salts that are infused with fresh herbs + oils. This signature salt blend is proven to help ease muscle spasms, stressed joints, and tense neck and shoulders. The fresh lavender flowers are ground with raw organic oatmeal. You will emerge from your tub feeling relaxed and velvety-smooth. Use coupon code thankyou20 and receive 20% off @
Wild Plants Love You- Rosy Cheek Stain- Whether you're going to a holiday party or celebrating at home, why not use an all natural blush alternative? This is an old fashioned idea modernized with healthier ingredients that you can apply to your cheeks or lips. The color is subtle and can be controlled by the amount you rub on your skin or lips. This cheek stain is made from Jojoba oil infused with Alkanet root, and Elderberry and Lavender essential oil. Use coupon code KLOVERTEN and receive 10% off
📷credit @fashionatelystina
Yoganics-Holiday Cheer- Essential Oil Blend- This time of year is filled with so many wonderful smells that can put us in the mood for the holidays. This essential oil has a warm, inviting holiday aroma and is handmade with 100% organic therapeutic essential oils, Witch Hazel extract, Rosewood, Orange Peel, Cinnamon Leaf, Cinnamal, Decenal, Octanal, Cinnamon Bark, Vanilla, White Spruce Leaf and Bark, Coconut Oil, Almond Oil and No GMO - Use coupon code FIRST for 15% off @
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📷credit @fashionatelystina

Drops of Joy Jewelry -Diffuser Bracelet -These natural lava stones are created during a volcanic eruption and are very porous; a great way to diffuse your essential oils! Lava stones are symbolic of protection, strength, and fertility and promote stability during changing times. This diffuser bracelet also features the semi-precious stone Amazonite, which symbolizes truth, harmony, and peace. Open... yourself to feeling less restrained, more imaginative, and discovering the joy in everyday occurrences when wearing this bracelet and diffusing your favorite essential oils. Just place a drop or two on the lava stones and benefit from the aromatic and topical use of your oils. Get 20% off when you use coupon code KLOVERBOX @

December's Kloverbox is sure to get you in the mood for the holiday season!
Drops of Joy Jewelry Diffuser Bracelet
Yoganics Essential Oil

Wild Plants Love You Cheek Stain.... LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! I've been using this all natural cheek stain on my cheeks and lips! It is a beautiful color and perfect for this holiday season! 

THIS IS SOOOO AMAZING!!! I'm not sure how I lived (Relaxed) without it!! A definite MUST HAVE!!! Soak those muscles peeps!!!

ra goods Refresh Your Face Toner
#Dropsofjoyjewelry #Yoganics #Wildplantsloveyou #Timelessorganicsskincare #ragoods
📷credit @fashionatelystina

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So you want to know more?!?!?!??! Here is what the peeps over at Kloverbox had to say....

How does Kloverbox work?
Kloverbox is an expertly curated monthly subscription box. We help you incorporate safe and effective products into every aspect of your life. Discover organic, natural and cruelty-free beauty, lifestyle, nutrition and healthy home brands. Choose a Monthly Subscription, a Three Month Subscription or a Six Month one-time purchase.

How can I access my account?
An account is not created during the checkout process. You can create a new account after checkout by clicking this link - NEW ACCOUNT  OR see your order confirmation email. An order confirmation email is sent after checkout with a direct link for your account. A Kloverbox account allows you to pause, skip a month, cancel and change your billing or address.

When will I receive my Kloverbox?
Subscriptions purchased during the current month will receive the upcoming month's box.
Example - Orders placed between January 1-31 will receive February's Kloverbox. 
Kloverbox ships between the 15th-18th of each month with the expectations that the box will arrive within three business days via USPS Priority.

When do I get billed for my Kloverbox subscription?
You are billed on the day you subscribe.
Kloverbox's one month and three month subscriptions are recurrent. 
The Monthly subscription auto-renews every month on the calendar day you first subscribed.
The Three Month subscription auto-renews every three months on the calendar day you first subscribed.

The Six Month subscription is a one-time purchase.
You may skip a month or cancel your subscription at any time but you must skip or cancel before you are rebilled; we do not refund payments once a subscription has billed and do not accept returns.

Can I only order ONE box? 
If you would like to only receive one box, you may subscribe to our monthly option and cancel immediately. If the account is not cancelled, it will automatically deduct the subscription amount the next month on the calendar day you first subscribed.

Can I give Kloverbox as a gift?
Yes! From Birthdays and Christmas to Mother's Day and Graduations, Kloverbox makes the perfect gift for friends or family. Please note: Monthly and Three Month products will renew automatically, unless you cancel the billing. The Six Month product is a one-time purchase.

Kloverbox Every month we send you the best in healthy beauty and toxin-free living from brands you'll love! ☘💚☘

HEAD OVER TO KLOVERBOX and ORDER your Subscription NOW!!

You can also find them on FACEBOOK, TWITTER, PINTEREST, and INSTAGRAM

Tuesday, December 6, 2016


    Ok you all know I LOVE products that aim to help ease the craziness that is PARENTHOOD! Well this is one of those MUST HAVES when you have toddlers!! The Flushstop!! This super easy to install potty training handle lock that prevents those "uh oh" moments that could potentially be extremely costly! In fact this product was invented because of one of those moments. I love the backstory of how this toilet handle lock came in to play! I swear it takes real life events to create the most useful products! Now that we have two little girls in the house my mind can be put at ease knowing nothing will be sent to the unknown nor  will we have a dreadful plumbing bill from life's unexpected moments!

Here is some useful info from the peeps over at FlushStop...

The toilet handle is a magnet for mischief. Whether it's repetitive flushing, or the flushing of foreign objects, a curious toddler can wreak havoc in the bathroom. Locking the toilet lever is a simple solution to keep the flusher off limits while toddlers learn to use the potty independently.  Keep your pipes, water and sanity in tact today with a FlushStop
  • Childproof 
  • Installs in seconds
  • Fits standard & custom levers
  • Built to last: impact resistant with 3M adhesive
Why Lock The Toilet Lever?
During the potty training years, experts suggest that toddlers be given access to the toilet to promote potty training independence. With the help of FlushStop, you can empower your child to use the potty while still maintaining control of how often the toilet is flushed and what goes down the drain.
Just in time for the Holidays.....Seriously people this is the PERFECT Stocking stuffer!! You can find FlushStop on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google and SHOP FLUSHSTOP HERE!!!!
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