Saturday, June 29, 2013

Bumpdate: 22 Weeks

It has been a Longgggg week! But not because of “Pregnancy” issues but because of my little furbaby Josh! He is petrified of the Thunderstorms and it has become an awful situation. When we go to work we are able to watch him on the surveillance cameras we have set up in our house…and he is in a FULL Panic as soon as we leave. Panting, crying, howling, hiding in closets, trying to get in Ralph’s laundry basket, attempting to chew through the metal gate. It is torture to see and both days either Ralph or I had to leave work. Ralph was only at work for an hour before he had to go home. As soon as we are home he is completely fine! We have tried every holistic remedy there is, lavender, rose water, calming music, tv, low lights, tin foil, building “safe” forts for comfort…Nothing has worked.

We finally had to call the vet and we will attempt Xanax for the first time with our precious pup. To be honest WE ARE DREADING the 4th of July, not the Holiday its self because we are very Patriotic in this house but the Fireworks, we are far away from where the town fireworks will be but I’m concerned that our neighbors will be lighting them off. The forecast this week is Thunderstorms right across the board top that with Fireworks and we fear that our little shaky puppy will throw his back out again…and need surgery! So needless to say it has been a scary stressful week. It has been really hard to focus on anything else other than making our Joshy cakes comfortable and feel safe. It seems like he has developed a phobia…and that breaks our heart.

On a happy note Baby Sophia is Fabulous!! I went for another doctor’s appointment and everything looked Wonderful. Sophia’s heart rate was great and I was healthy. She is kicking like crazy and seems to really be loving Summer Swims and Music! BabyBump Update for 22 Weeks…..

How Big is Baby: The size of a Papaya 
How far along: 22 weeks…18 weeks to go!

Feeling: GREAT…Time is Flying by!!

Maternity ClothesNot yet…I’m thinking Sundresses may be my saving grace for the whole summer!!  

Sleep: Sleep has been fine, no issues yet…But I did buy the Snuggle Body Pillow for when the time comes.   

Best moment of the week? I always think having Ralph feel Baby Sophia Kick is Magical. I love watching his smile/face when he feels her. I LOVE IT!

Movement: Yes! I love music so I’ve been playing it a lot…she always seems to be jammin’ out.

Food cravings: I don’t really have this yet, but maybe I do…It’s hard to tell…When I’m hungry I just eat what I feel like having…Nothing that I’ve had to make a special trip for…yet! I’m still waiting for all the pregnancy “horror” stories or so I’m told, of Cravings, Moodiness, Feeling uncomfortable. So far it has been REALLY good (someone knock on wood) I’m kinda LOVING being pregnant!  

Food aversions: Nothing

Belly button in or out? In…when is it supposed to “pop” out…that may be weird for me, we shall see!  

What I miss: Cookie Dough. I don’t think that will ever change. There wasn’t much I had to give up when I got pregnant other than Eggs over easy, some fish, and raw cookie dough.  Everything else on the list I didn’t eat nor was I a drinker before baby, so I don’t miss wine or booze either.

What I'm looking forward to: Swimming more with Sophia. I’ve been swimming almost every day (well the days we don’t get Crazy rain/Thunderstorms! I think baby girl loves the pool, I feel her kicking as we are floating around and doing laps. I’m also looking forward to Pregnancy photo’s, I think that will be fun for Ralph and I
Milestones: I only have a few things left to do in Sophia’s Nursery…and we may have come to an agreement on Baby’s middle name. Yes that has been an “issue” I think I may have won ;) 

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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Bumpdate: 21 Weeks

I can’t believe I’m writing as another week has past. How is it possible that I’m more than half way through with this baby making process! Little Sophia is such a firecracker already. It’s insane how much we already love and speak of this baby girl in everyday conversations. I love when Ralph refers to Sophia, it seriously makes my heart flutter. I was officially 21 weeks yesterday but as always I’m late and posting today. So technically 21 weeks 1 day! The week has been great and the weather is surely changing. It’s hot out but you wouldn’t know as I sit in my house with shorts and tank top with a huge blanket on me. Yes, Ralph keeps the central air cranked, It’s always a body shock when you step out our front door into 80* weather. I have some free time this a.m., Ralph is out “shopping” getting the heavy big stuff at Target that I hate carrying…8 cases of Poland Springs (Yes we have filtered water that comes out of our refrigerator on the front of the door and a Brita in our fridge but Ralph and I Love the bottles too!) *We recycle though ;) along with all the household whatnots I had him get Fabric Adhesive so I can attempt to make Sophia’s crib skirt today! 
I have my next doctor’s appointment on my Mom’s Birthday June 26th, I’m excited to get new updates and see my “FairyGod Mother” as I call her…My doctors is short and round, and quite possibly the sweetest human being out there. She makes me feel like Cinderella and all my dreams and wishes will come true with a wave of her wand stethoscope. I love sweet souls like her. 

How Big is Baby: The size of a Pomegranate

How far along: 21 weeks….19 weeks to go!

Feeling: Absolutely Fabulous, it’s hard to believe I’m more than half way there!

Maternity ClothesStill haven’t purchased maternity clothes…but I’m positive in the weeks to come I will be out shopping. Maybe I’m in denial that I’m getting bigger! But buttoning my shorts this morning I could tell they were “Snug” so by next week I’m sure I will be writing YES! School is also out so my teaching wardrobe has been untouched, If school was still in session I think I would have went this week for pants!  

Sleep: My sleep has been decent. I’m lucky that I’m able to nap here and there. It’s crazy how much work it is “Making a Baby” I get tired more frequently but I LOVE my bed so it’s easy to jump right in watch a movie and rest!  

Best moment of the week? Having stuff come in the mail for Sophia’s Nursery. It’s so exciting opening up packages of stuff for her! The nursery is really coming together! There was this Chevron Elephant on Etsy that I soooo badly wanted, the color was no longer in stock...Little did I know My Ralph had contacted the shop owner and special ordered it...

Movement: Tons! She is such a spicy little monkey, definitely feeling movement throughout the day! Especially when I’m driving and laying down. I love feeling her move around, so does Ralph.

Food cravings: Just my favorites as usual, mostly cereal. No I haven’t sent Ralph out on a crazy food expedition in the wee hours of the night. I wonder if those days will come…

Food aversions: Nothing…I’m not really sure what this even means (HA!) Nothing really turns my stomach like it did in the beginning, mostly smells like Starbucks coffee and what not. To be honest this whole being pregnant thing has been pretty awesome, maybe because we found out later in the game and I wasn’t able to realize other symptoms as “pregnancy symptoms” I would chalk it up as “Flu” from my students, or a bad piece of fish, so I always had a reason or so I thought for my “Sickness” during the first trimester. Looking back I would say that the first trimester at times was rough, but now it feels like a walk in the park!

Belly button in or out? In, I’m not sure how I’m going to feel when it pops out. Is that weird…I will probably be scared that it won’t go back in. I will have to goggle pictures so I know what to expect. Must be easy for those who were born with an “outie” ;)

What I miss: Fish. I know there are certain kinds I can eat but overall it still makes me nervous! Note to self **Stop Goggling things! I think everything is contaminated after watching a YouTube video on pollution and the ocean. And I LOVE salmon, swordfish, haddock and all those things! Oh and I’m still missing Raw Cookie dough and batter. It’s no fun baking while pregnant when it comes to that stuff!

What I'm looking forward to: The Holidays approaching (well in 4 months) and our Baby girl being a part of it! I’m such a sucker for the holidays and children make the season so much more magical than they already are. We can’t wait! I’ve also been trying to envision Ralph holding/seeing his baby girl for the first time. I think I may “Ugly” cry. He is just the most amazing guy I have ever met, and I’m so insanely in love with him, I can’t even fathom the love I will feel for him when I see him holding our baby. **Insert more tears** Is crying a “pregnancy symptom”? Because I have been doing that a lot ;)
Milestones: I did my laundry, can that count?!? I guess you could say I’ve been BUSY! I want the house to be perfect when BabySo gets here so I want everything Organized. I think it’s taking over my life, that and work, along with a few summer classes and I’m swamped. Or so I think ;) Ralph thinks I have LOTS of free time. 

Sneak Peak at one of the Etsy Prints we bought for BabySo's Nursery:
                                               YES these are the colors of her room! LOVE!

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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Bumpdate: 20 Weeks

           I am 20 weeks and 2 days today!! I took pictures but my camera is downstairs (yes I’m that lazy!) but I promise to add them tomorrow! It has been a VERY exciting week as you will read in “best moment of the week and milestones” by far the best was feeling Baby Girl So kick!! Father’s day was today and I definitely let Ralph relish in his day (even though Sophia is not here yet) he is such an unbelievable man; it blows my mind at times. I know he is going to be an incredible dad! I started the morning off with vanilla pancakes, sausage, OJ for me & Starbucks coffee for him. It was a Beautiful day in the neighborhood (yes I just sang that as I wrote it, in my Mr. Rogers voice.) Ralph did some daddy duties and finished up a few things in Sophia’s room and mowed the lawn. I made him one of his favorite dishes, which is a pulled chicken in the crock-pot and we stopped at my parents’ house for a while. 

You have to try "Pulled BBQ Chicken" by far the easiest thing I cook! A friend gave me this recipe........................................................................

6 frozen skinless, boneless chicken breast halves
1 (12 ounce) bottle barbeque sauce
1/2 cup Italian salad dressing
1/4 cup brown sugar
2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce
Place chicken in a slow cooker. In a bowl, mix the barbecue sauce, Italian salad dressing, brown sugar, and Worcestershire sauce. Pour over the chicken.
Cover, and cook 3 to 4 hours on High or 6 to 8 hours on Low.

         I have been feeling really good, actually AMAZING throughout this whole pregnancy. **Someone knock on wood, because it doesn’t feel like it should be this easy! I did develop a “pregnancy symptom” or so my book says. Diagnosis {Heartburn} I think it was from a batch of stuffed shells I made using a new recipe for a homemade sauce. I have never had heartburn before so I had no clue what it was…Dr.Ralph diagnosed me and then I read in one of my many baby books that this is common in the second and even third trimester. With that said, Ralph aka DaddyRal/Superstar was out the door to get me tums. Did I mention that I’m obsessively in LOVE with this man!?! After I popped two  really SIX I felt much better, although it seems to come and go throughout the day.

       I can’t believe how fast the time is flying by…She will be here before we know it, and right before the HOLIDAYS! I can’t even take that this coming November will be her first Thanksgiving…what’s even more crazy is if she is born a day early it will be her first Halloween! And yes I will buy her a costume just in case.

How big is baby? The size of a Banana

How far along: 20 weeks and 2 days (The weekend was crazy so I didn’t get a chance to post on Friday)

Feeling: Fabulous

Maternity Clothes I’m sure I could but haven’t yet, I’m mostly in Sundresses. The Joys of being pregnant during the Summer…Super Easy to Dress!  

Sleep: My sleep is back on track, I do sleep longer than normal. I guess we are getting on a “Kid” schedule because Ralph and I are both in bed by 8!  

Best moment of the week? I had lots of Best Moments this week, we had the carpets installed upstairs, “Vanilla Bean” which is the prettiest color. The Nursery is painted “Refreshing Pool.” Little Sophia’s Nursery is really coming together, my lovie built her crib and we also had her furniture delivered. {{Did I mention this ALL happened on Saturday!}}

Movement: YES!!! I posted on Friday last week and had still felt nothing then Saturday morning she kicked for the FIRST time, twice! I was overjoyed, so many emotions running through me…I eagerly awaited the entire day for more movement and nothing happened. In fact she didn’t move again until Sunday night…I was on the phone with my mom and I felt her kick…I rushed my mom off the phone and said Ralph quick, he instantly knew what I meant and placed his warm hand on my belly, we waited less than a minute and she kicked again, and two more times after that. It was so Magical and seeing the look on Ralph's face as he felt his baby girl for the first time was priceless, I can’t even put into words. In awe that we will soon have our own daughter, a family. 

 Food cravings: French Toast Sticks…I don’t know if I would call it a “craving” but I have been loving them lately and had them three times this week!  

Food aversions: Not much right now...

Belly button in or out? In! 

What I miss:
Raw Brownie batter…I baked Ralph some Brownie’s tonight for “Father’s” Day and I was bummed I could lick the spoon!

What I'm looking forward to: Putting the finishing touches on Baby Girls Room

Milestones: Getting a bunch of stuff done off my “checklist” of things to do before the Baby arrives!

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