Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Art of Making Baby

Ralph’s Big Birthday…Every year I seem to out do the year before…You all witnessed my Balloon Display of Love topped with the Candy Birthday Greeting Announcing Red Sox Tickets. His Birthday seemed to last all week as the surprises continued. This Year I had a better Idea. 

His Gift:  an ULTRASOUND! 
 Yes- That’s Right an Ultrasound… Ralph and I are Expecting OUR FIRST BABY, a GIRL!! !! This has been by far the hardest secret I have had to keep. We found out late in the Game (Sorry to my male Blog Followers, it’s about to get Girlie!!) We found out at 12/13 WEEKS! I had a very lite period the two months prior which I assumed was because I was completely stressed, finishing up my teaching degree and I had a change in my diet. Following the two off, the next month was nonexistent -----Insert OMG we might be having a baby here------ I take a home pregnancy test and it was POSITIVE!! Ralph and I are elated. I make my first Doctors appointment thinking I would hear that I was 4-5 weeks pregnant and almost hit the floor when the woman said 12-13 weeks!!! Being so close to the time we would find out the gender we decided to wait to tell our Family and Friends (WAITING WAS HARD!!!) We both wanted to shout it from the Roof Tops! We had a very small “inner circle” we were able to give the word too, so we both wouldn’t explode…and we waited some more. Until 17 weeks 5 days, I convinced the Doctors office to Book MAY 30 (Ralph’s Birthday) for the Ultrasound. They were hesitant at first as they do it after the 18th week, I was pretty convincing and the appointment was booked. I told Ralph he needed to take his Birthday off from work and he did, I wanted to keep the ultrasound part a surprise too but I quickly said, “Can you guess what your present is??” 

I was sure the day I found out I was pregnant that I was having a Little Baby Girl, my SOPHIA….Ralph on the other hand wouldn’t make a peep, not even an inkling to whether he thought it was a boy or girl. He just kept saying he hoped for a healthy baby, as did I. The days were long as we waited almost 4 ½ weeks for the BIG DAY. I was up at 4:30 in the morning…I watched Ralph sleep, I pondered our future, I cried as I knew all of our dreams were coming true. Ralph woke and we got ready, my mom was at my house at 7:50 and we were out the door at 7:52. The appointment was at 9 a.m. in Natick, (I did a ton of research to find what I felt was the best care out there, I think we found the perfect doctor.) 
  I drank a ton of water on the way, and we were off…Ralph took the scenic route as the traffic was horrific on the highway, which I actually think was a better idea because it calmed my nerves going along those twisting turning back roads. When we arrived everyone was SO friendly, I must have had that FIRST TIME MOM panic/excitement on my face. We all sat and I had Cards for Ralph’s Birthday that I had him open. We were called in and we began…After about 40 minutes and one very sleepy baby, we came to the conclusion with the ultrasound technician that we weren’t going to get the shot we needed to see if it was a boy or girl. When she said she is one “Stubborn” baby I laughed so hard that things started to move…She said keep doing that and when I looked at Ralph and he was laughing because he knew I was laughing about my belly “Jiggling” I COULD NOT STOP LAUGHING!!! Well it worked, the baby woke up, stretched and we found out we were HAVING A LITTLE BABY GIRL!!!!! The tears were ever present and we could not believe that we finally knew….I think another 4 week wait would have surely been torture and I would have definitely spilled the beans! 

We called everyone to tell them and broke the news to extended friends and family via Facebook, which really was the fastest way we knew how, it had been the longest day and my phone died three times, I don’t think the phone left my hand until 9:20 at night when I passed out from exhaustion in our bed! What a whirlwind of a day, what a magical day, what a day we will NEVER forget. I don’t think any Birthday will top the Birthday Ralph found out he was having a beautiful healthy Baby GIRL! He told me later that day that on Tuesday when he was taking a shower this feeling came over him that he was going to be the daddy of a baby girl (I got the chills) but still just had hoped for a healthy baby, but who knew that we would both be right! 

I had spent that time “waiting” planning a Gender Reveal party thinking it would be fun for our family and friends to come over when we did the big reveal…it’s one of those things, as much as I planned and scoured Pinterest I COULDN’T WAIT! Although I had found some pretty fun ideas…

So what now?! Well I have some big plans in place; Little Sophia has some CRAZY wardrobe that needs to be tended to…Most of you know it is my ULTIMATE dream to be a Mommy, so much so that I started buying Baby clothes at 18! It all started when I went to a baby shower and walked into the gap to get a gift, I saw the cutest cardigan and skirt that I knew I had to have…The obsession started. I have about 20 Rubbermaid bins labeled in my basement “Sophia” and “Carmine” Sophia has a FULL wardrobe from newborn to five years old! It’s crazy how much money we will save not having to buy clothes…I mean I just pulled a pair of Ralph Lauren jeans out of her 0-12 month old bin that I had purchased for $42 dollars, I have no idea how much money over the past ten years I have invested in my “Unborn” children’s clothes but I have to say now what a huge relief that She has EVERYTHING!!!! My friends would all joke about it and we would always laugh at how “CRAZY” it was and believe me…even I knew it was NUTS! But now as I sit on my living room floor cutting the tags off the most beautiful wardrobe, I couldn’t be happier!! She is going to be one styling little girl!! My mom always use to say if you can actually meet a guy that isn’t scared away when he sees your wedding bins and baby bins you have a KEEPER! Well he was never intimidated or scared, he knew my “crazy” over planning side and was honestly totally fine with it! 

Now on to the nitty gritty, I have 3 classes until I GRADUATE with my teaching degree…Of course I am going to do it, I am signed up and ready to go…It’s Crunch time! This year will certainly be one for the books, I will be having a baby, graduating college, marrying the man of my dreams and starting a whole new adventure!! Every single Life Goal I had will be fulfilled this coming year and I am ecstatic!! It’s really crazy how things work out…Two days before we found out that we were having a baby I was in tears, like crying all day long for two days straight, I (we) had three venue’s picked out where we wanted to get married, they were ALL booked including 3 others that I stumbled upon as I searched, I wrote about this in a previous post. Long story short I wasn’t going to settle and we made the decision to wait, we wanted that DREAM WEDDING and we had decided on our first choice and will be married October 4th 2014. It’s so unbelievable that in this crazy twist of fate I wouldn’t have even been able to fit into my 2 amazing wedding dresses and would have been 9 months pregnant. I believe in fate and everything happening for a reason….We will now have the most magical wedding and our baby girl will be pulled down the aisle in a little wagon!  ---more tears--- I tell you the tears of joy have not stopped! 
                 Thank you all for the Love and Support…I will be sure to update with play by plays! And those blog followers that guessed it you were sooooo RIGHT!

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