Saturday, January 1, 2022

New Year... and our Gifts to one another, Life Insurance for Parents!


    We are so happy for fresh starts! It has been a busy year. We have really put all of our focus on decluttering the house and putting more purpose in our everyday life. Things start to shift and change when you have young children... something we decided to do going into the new year was get life insurance for parents! As we were clearing out the house of "stuff" Ralph and I decided our gift to each other would be something that would benefit our family and wasn't a material item. We ultimately decide to take the steps to both get life insurance. It can be so confusing, but we got the most fantastic term life insurance quotes and have been extremely happy with our choice in going with Fabric. 

    I needed something easy to follow that broke down all the stressful parts in an easy simple to follow manner. I have to be honest I never really gave it much thought but after a rough 2021 and losing loved ones, I knew we needed to take steps to protect our children. Playing around with the numbers it became clear that the sooner you get it the better as the prices increase with age. I also couldn't believe how affordable it really is. Now that we have the peloton at home it was basically like paying for a gym membership (which you all know I wouldn't step foot in hahaha). The ease in which it ended up happening was even better... all I did was fill out a quick thing online and got a free quote right away. 

    I remember when Ralph and I first moved into our home over ten years ago and a sales guy was going door to door selling life insurance. We had no kids at the time and "death" wasn't even on our radar... we sat for hours through this huge sales pitch, and it all seemed so overwhelming with stacks of paperwork. We ended up not doing it for the sheer fact that it seemed so stressful. Fabric is seriously the easiest thing I have ever navigated... with a fully digital experience either from the website or if you're like me, the app! With 170+ years of trusted coverage with legit the fastest and hassle-free services! The best part... you can change your mind! Not that I want to, but I love that I am not locked into anything! I can cancel anytime! It really became a no brainer! 

    This year we are looking forward to lots of family adventures, a summer at our favorite spot... it's crazy how fast they grow... flashback to summers past! Visiting family in Florida, tackling the basement for a reno and making magical memories with our kiddos! We are hoping for lots of adventures and excited for you all to follow along.... you can find me on Instagram HERE!!

Don't forget to check out Fabric! You could have life insurance in just 10 minutes... put your mind at ease if the worst should happen with one of the top and most trusted companies! Go get your term life insurance quotes now! Time goes by SO FAST.... example: do you all remember the Time Capsule Ralph and I made... it's time to OPEN on 12-25-22!! It is finally the year!

I also want to Say THANK YOU to all my loyal followers!! Crazy to think I will be hitting 4 MILLION on the tracker this year....I promise to update more often, it's on my "list" 2022!!! Love you all xoxo

                                                                                                                              XO, SARAH 

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