Friday, November 22, 2013

We are Alive

Yes we are Alive. It’s been a CRAZY  5 weeks…

                Oh and I gave birth to a MAGICAL UNICORN 
 Her name is Sophia Layknn Lee and she is a Superstar. To say we are obsessed with her would be an understatement, more like completely and utterly infatuated with our beautiful baby girl! She is everything that we were expecting and then some. Our baby has glitter bombed our world in the best way possible. Baby Sophia is beautiful; she entered this world on October 19th (Saturday) at 7:07pm. A petite 6 pounds 14 ounces but a long 20 inches (above average) Tall like her daddy!

The Birth Story:  Is a writing in the works, but I will be sure to post soon. In typical Sarah & Ralph style she was born to Christmas music playing on Pandora (yes in OCTOBER) and Ralph watching the Bruins on the plasma screen they had hanging in the delivery room. Best. Day. Of. Our. Lives. And comical to say the least. 

Ralph was home with us for the first two weeks…

                     And we loved it. We cried when he went back to work, as if he didn’t feel bad enough.
I spend my days completely wrapped up with my Magical Unicorn that hates mornings just like her momma and sleeps till 10 every morning, YES, I have a Newborn that sleeps till TEN. There are no 5a.m. wake up calls in this house…and for that we are grateful!! 

Things Baby So likes:

Her Bebe: A soft Blanket that has little elephants on it. I received it as a baby shower gift, and I’m not sure who bought it but I have to find out. She received many blankets that day so there wasn’t specific words written on the “list” other than blanket. So if you were the one who purchased this can you PLEASE contact me, because I have to buy more. Sophia wont sleep without it! I think we are safe if we have 4.

Wipe Warmer: She does not want a cold wet wipe coming at her.

Aden and Anais- Swaddled up for bed…Many want to know how she likes her nursery. Truth: She has never slept in there, in fact she has only been in her crib 3 times for a total of 5 minutes to snap a few pictures…..She is in our bed. I know, I know. Everyone has an opinion on this subject. Everything from she will suffocate to you will never get her out of your bed. I can assure you that she is safe, she is in a baby bed that is in our bed and we are not worried that we will never get her out of our bed. She is our baby girl, we have a huge bed and we frankly don’t care if we have a 5 year old sprawled out in our bed (if that is really the case) although I think she will eventually move into her room but they are only little once and we can’t get enough of our little newborn!

Her Daddy: Watching those two together is the most magical thing in the world to me. The love between the two is so organic and real it literally makes me cry. Ralph puts her to sleep every night, actually they both fall asleep together, her wrapped up in his strong arms lying on his chest. I never thought it was possible to love Ralph any more than I already had (which you all know was a pretty crazy over the top kinda love) but I DO! Seeing him with our daughter is beyond words. It sounds so cliché but everyone was right…Life isn’t complete until you have children and have a family. Our life has taken on a whole new meaning and we are soaking up every second of it! 

Bedtime: Sophia loves bedtime…she loves her warm tubbies and story time….there is something about sitting in that big oversized chair rocking my baby while reading her a book that fills me with so much joy. We have went through ALL of her books already…I think we will for sure need books for Christmas. Then we all get in our big cozy bed, say our prayers and daddy cuddles and puts "Soey" to sleep! We are blessed and have so much to be thankful for. 

I’m sure there are a million more things I want to share and document but my baby is wanting some momma time…

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