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I LOVE Kloverbox Subscriptions!! I love natural and organic products and I feel like I'm always on the hunt for new products...I LOVE what came in the September Box Subscription for Klover Box! My favorite was the Buddha Fresh...Its a natural way to absorb odors and mold, I have it placed in our downstairs bathroom and looks so natural and beautiful it could be mistaken for a decoration! The Yoga DVD was a huge hit with not only me but my almost three year old who blows me away by her focus and dedication! I'm also an esthetician so the wonder seed facial scrub was actual one that I was super impressed by, not just the ingredients but the quality....I will still have to give it a week but I'm on day 5 and my skin feels AMAZING! A little added info on this wonder product..."Wonder Seed Facial Scrub. Soothing and purifying, this hemp seed oil facial scrub works for all skin types to remove impurities, reduce inflammation and hydrate the skin while cleansing. No matter what works for your skin needs, this nutritious scrub will please! This natural face scrub is 100% vegan." Lastly was the Balance Guru Empowering Mist...and the most amazing lotion on earth Love Love Love! Overall the WHOLE BOX was a huge HIT!!!

This Lotion will replace all lotion in my house!!! Cucciosomatology Balancing Calming Chamomile Lotion. This ultra sheer lotion delivers 24-hour time-released hydrating emollients to dry, damaged skin. Great for a massage, personal use, or yoga classes

Balanced Guru Empowering Mist. The oils in this natural skin care product delivers a wonderful feel on your skin while stimulating your brain with aromatherapy. Grab this empowering mist and keep it with you whenever you need an all-natural boost that will make everyone notice.

This Bamboo Charcoal is a natural way to absorb odors and prevent mold and mildew. Buddha Fresh is chemical free and non-toxic. You'll be amazed with how well it works! Most air fresheners we use today release dangerous chemicals that can cause serious health problems and only mask the odors instead of eliminating them. Buddha Fresh will allow you to eliminate odor naturally.

So you want to know more?!?!?!??! Here is what the peeps over at Kloverbox had to say....

How does Kloverbox work?
Kloverbox is an expertly curated monthly subscription box. We help you incorporate safe and effective products into every aspect of your life. Discover organic, natural and cruelty-free beauty, lifestyle, nutrition and healthy home brands. Choose a Monthly Subscription, a Three Month Subscription or a Six Month one-time purchase.

How can I access my account?
An account is not created during the checkout process. You can create a new account after checkout by clicking this link - NEW ACCOUNT  OR see your order confirmation email. An order confirmation email is sent after checkout with a direct link for your account. A Kloverbox account allows you to pause, skip a month, cancel and change your billing or address.

When will I receive my Kloverbox?
Subscriptions purchased during the current month will receive the upcoming month's box.
Example - Orders placed between January 1-31 will receive February's Kloverbox. 
Kloverbox ships between the 15th-18th of each month with the expectations that the box will arrive within three business days via USPS Priority.

When do I get billed for my Kloverbox subscription?
You are billed on the day you subscribe.
Kloverbox's one month and three month subscriptions are recurrent. 
The Monthly subscription auto-renews every month on the calendar day you first subscribed.
The Three Month subscription auto-renews every three months on the calendar day you first subscribed.
The Six Month subscription is a one-time purchase.
You may skip a month or cancel your subscription at any time but you must skip or cancel before you are rebilled; we do not refund payments once a subscription has billed and do not accept returns.

Can I only order ONE box? 
If you would like to only receive one box, you may subscribe to our monthly option and cancel immediately. If the account is not cancelled, it will automatically deduct the subscription amount the next month on the calendar day you first subscribed.

Can I give Kloverbox as a gift?
Yes! From Birthdays and Christmas to Mother's Day and Graduations, Kloverbox makes the perfect gift for friends or family. Please note: Monthly and Three Month products will renew automatically, unless you cancel the billing. The Six Month product is a one-time purchase.

HEAD OVER TO KLOVERBOX and ORDER your Subscription NOW!!

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Little Twig

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Little Twig Review

I have a new GO TO Product in my Kitchen, LITTLE TWIG! When they had reached out I haven't heard of the brand... I did a little research and I fell in love even before the product arrived on my doorstep for review!

Here is a little background info from the peeps over at Little Twig...

Natural Living for Modern Parents

Children mean the world to us, and the world means everything to our children. That is why Little twig products were developed with the advice of Pediatricians and real-life parents. At Little twig we strive to provide families with natural bath, body and skincare products. We are focused on creating formulas that are pure, safe and gentle for babies, yet effective for the whole family. Each product contains only the best all natural and certified organic plant based ingredients. We are confident that you will love each product as much as we do.

How It All Started

Years ago, before the natural movement there were very few children's products that did not contain synthetic chemicals, fragrance or allergy causing ingredients. It was during this time that our Founder was searching for products that her niece could use without having any type of allergic reaction to the products she was using. Her niece's sensitive skin led her to develop this line of truly clean and simple products that anyone can use. She made sure each product was free from harmful chemicals, synthetic fragrance, parabens, sulfates and other irritating ingredients. Since that day, we have stayed true to our heritage and have expanded Little twig to include a wide range of products that are safe and effective for the whole family.

Our Family Tree

Making the right choice for your child's health is vital. The Little twig online community was created so that parents can feel confident about the decisions they make for their families. The Little twig website features information about Little twig products and a forum where your opinions and concerns can be voiced. It also provides the latest news on the issues that matter most to families.

Our Growing Circle

All children deserve a promising future. At Little twig we recognize that we need to do our part to better our community and environment. Wherever possible, our company supports those in need by donating time, money and marketing efforts to community and environmentally focused charities, both locally and globally. Little twig encourages you to join in the effort to strengthen our communities.
I mean how can you top that?!?!?!?! Well my kitchen Dish Soap and Bottle Wash arrived and I couldn't wait to ditch my dish soap that I found to be full of toxic chemicals!!! Plus you can not beat the price $5.99 that's cheaper than the toxic chemical crap I was using!!

Dish Soap & Bottle Wash

Perfect for baby bottles, dishes, sippy cups to greasy pots and pans, this naturally powerful Dish Soap & Bottle Wash safely removes caked on food, milk, formula residue and other everyday messes without harmful chemicals or toxins. Its clean and safe formula contains natural plant based ingredients for worry-free cleaning.  16 oz

  • Easy rinsing, no residue left behind

  • Naturally cleans with plant based ingredients

  • Cuts through milk, grease, grime and caked on food

  • Vegan & Gluten Free

  • Tough on grease, gentle on hands
This naturally powerful dish soap takes the work out of doing dishes by hand. With great scents to choose from, you can be confident that your dishes will be sparkling clean and residue free. It's tough on grease, yet gentle on hands.
  • NO harmful chemicals or toxins
  • Free from parabens, phthalates & dyes
  • No SLS, dioxin or formaldehyde
  • NO artificial fragrance
  • Not Tested on Animals
  • Cruelty Free
Did you Know?
Plant-derived soaps keep our waterways safer, our earth cleaner and humans healthier.

I am HOOKED and NEVER going back to harmful products for my family!!

You can check out everything they have to offer HERE!!! I'm telling you, you will fall in love too!!!

You can also find them on Facebook HERE

Nursery Necessities

I've been busy trying to get everything ready for the new baby... with an almost three year old at the hip! For the most part she has been a BIG help and it has been relatively easy transferring her stuff into the nursery! YAY for another GIRL! One of the perks for sure. One thing that has been the easiest with baby number two is getting rid of the stuff that just didn't work for us...lots of useless baby equipment, stuff that claimed to work that just didn't! One thing on my list was to find NAIL CLIPPERS!! One's that would WORK...never did I imagine that I'd find a pair that would blow my mind! The Nail Whales baby and child clippers are a MUST HAVE!!! No more nail clippings everywhere...the "hungry whale" eats the clippings, Can't see those tiny nails...just flip down the magnifying glass, this is also the first pair of clippers I used that her nail stays in place! I can not express enough my love for these clippers!!!

I just LOVE the makers over at NURSERY NECESSITIES!!

Nursery Necessities offers premium products that meet your baby’s needs and provide hassle-free solutions to parents. There are tons of baby products on the market today and new parents are often confused on what is actually needed and what is not. With Nursery Necessities, you can be assured that our products are safe, made with the best materials and are the must-have items that no parent can live without!

You have to see what else they have to offer! You can visit them HERE!

NAIL WHALE - #1 Best Baby & Child Nail Clippers - "Eats" Nail Clippings - Magnifier & Finger Safety Stabilizer - By Nursery Necessities
Here's what the peeps over at Nursery Necessities had to say...

"Nail Clippers for Babies, Toddlers & Children, Offering Safety & Convenience with Several Unique Features. Gentle for Newborns & Babies and Sturdy to Use on Toddlers & Growing Children. The Only Nail Clipper You’ll Ever Need to Buy for Your Child!

Built In Magnifier Provides a Larger View of Baby’s Finger & Toe Nails, and Built In Safety Stabilizer Holds Little Fingers and Toes Steady While Cutting

Babies & Children Love the Adorable Whale Design & Bright Colors of Our Nail Clipper. Using the Nail Whale Will Make Cutting Your Child’s Nails Fun and Provide a Hassle-Free Experience for Parents & Caregivers

Nail Whale Will “Eat” Nail Clippings, as It’s Designed with a Nail Catcher. Clippings Can Be Emptied By Pushing Down on Widest Part of Yellow Piece, Remove, then Pull Green Lever Out
Bonus Nail File – One Side is Gentle for Little Ones and Mom Can Use Coarser Sider on Her Own Nails"


You can also find them on Facebook HERE


Ok I may have discovered the most valuable item a momma could own!!!! My life has just become soooooo much easier with SQUATCHI! I cant tell you how often we frequent the shoe store (almost every other month) Sophia is in constant need of new shoes and I'm always ordering online too (and having to send back wrong sizes, such a PAIN!) I was over the moon to hear about Squatchi, I can run to the store KID FREE and pick up exactly what I need or order online with ease! I don't know why I never thought about an AT HOME SHOE SIZER but two masterminds did! The brains behind this genius product are Momma's Too!!! Mom's always come up with the best products, seriously! So you may be wondering about this amazing product...well here's what the peeps over at Squatchi had to say...



You may be asking, why do I need Squatchi®?

Your time is valuable.

It seems we are constantly running to get the kids where they need to be. On top of that, we’re working, volunteering, cooking, doing laundry… you name it.  Oh, and we’re also trying to squeeze in a little time for ourselves.

Just when you think you can take a breath, your child tells you her toes are squeezed against the ends of her shoes.  Oh.  Please.  No.  Anything but shoe-shopping.

Your kids have to have shoes.  But do you have to have the hassle that goes along with buying them?  No.  As parents, we would much rather spend quality time with our kids, than go to war with them in a shoe store.

Finally, a solution.  It’s Squatchi®  This one-of-a-kind children’s home shoe-sizer saves you a tremendous amount of time and trouble shopping for shoes with your kids. And it saves you from returning all those shoes you bought online that don’t fit.  You size your kids at home, pick out the shoes in a store or online, buy shoes that actually fit — with no brawling involved — and get a big chunk of your life back.

Kids can’t live without shoes.  Parents can’t live without Squatchi®


"We’ve all been there as parents. The kids need new shoes, inevitably all at the same time.  You drag everyone to the shoe store or mall and nobody wants to be there.  Instead of nap time or mealtime, you’re getting tantrum time.  And you’re the one throwing the tantrum.
Kids are running all over, and you have no idea which size to get for which child.  Your daughter hates every shoe you pick up and your son is throwing sneakers.  Not exactly a bonding experience.
How can parents save time, find shoes that fit and keep their sanity? Squatchi® is a tool to give you back the time you might otherwise spend on those useless shopping trips. Squatchi® is a one-of-a-kind, at home children’s shoe sizer.  It frees you from going on countless errands, especially with the kids.  It saves you the trouble of returning shoe after shoe. Oh sure, online returns may be free, but your time certainly isn’t.  Most of all, Squatchi® makes your life so much easier.  It makes time for the real bonding moments, which do not happen on shopping trips."

High Impact Polystyrene Plastic
  • Boys and girls US shoe sizer that makes toddlers Stride rite and sandals easy to buy online and at shoe boutiques
  • Kids foot measurement device with US sizing scale (size 2t-5Y) that makes toddler shoe shopping convenient for mom
  • Easy to use and easy to read but not as bulky as US Toddler Brannock
  • Keepsake of your childs foot growth-Mark on the Squatchi to track your child's foot growth
  • Measures the same as the US youth Brannock devices used by all shoe stores and manufacturers like Merrell and Nike kids shoes

  • Don't forget to visit them on Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Pinterest
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