Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Let me see if I can get through this without tears......

I'm Engaged!!!!
I was going to go into every detail leading up to the actual proposal but selfishly want to keep it ours. Sometimes things are so magical and so beautiful you want to keep it for your very own. 

What I can tell you is... No- I had No idea he was going to propose.

                                                           He was nervous and excited.

I Loved That.          

                    Me...I was shaking. I was in another world, Heaven on Earth.

There were lots and lots of tears, we were Happy, Blissful, In awe of the true meaning of Love! Knowing that we just gave ourselves to one another...
                                                                Till death do us part. 

Ok I am now sobbing. Its hard to put into words when all your dreams are coming true. Its even harder to describe the feeling. 

Wedding Plans?!?!?!

I got it covered...hehe. Ive been planning my wedding since the first phone call....

                                                                            I just knew. I think I always knew. It was YOU!

There is still lots to be done, who am I kidding 75% is already done. I wont divulge into details now but I will say prepare for an  OCTOBER Country Wedding!

I'M GETTING MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*Pinch Me* :)

Love, The happiest girl in the world...Soon to be Mrs. V!!!

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