Friday, June 29, 2012


Today was a. long. day. To pass the (what seem liked never ending) hours...I found myself day dreaming! Realizing that {you} were consuming my every thought, I decided to call {you} on the phone....

You answered and said " I WAS JUST THINKING ABOUT YOU" now how crazy is that. Two minds, that are supposed to be occupied by work but are filled with thoughts of one another. Whoa. We are pretty Lucky! No more day dreaming, lying in bed next to my one. and. only. 

                                                        Pretty sure I will be dreaming about him too. 

Monday, June 25, 2012


Hello :o) It’s been awhile since I’ve posted. Like {Really} posted! What have we been up to in the past two weeks?? To be honest a whole lot of Nothing. I recently opened up an Etsy Shop; HERE! Right now my Boutique is primarily focused on BABY stuff and to be honest has given me BABY FEVER!!!  I’ve been making the cutest little TuTu’s that make me tear up at the thought of them selling. I picture my little girl digging them out of her Dress Up chest and putting one on as she sets up her table for tea with Daddy. That’s not crazy right, RIGHT?? It’s Amazing how much I look forward to becoming a mommy. Ralph and I have known from the very beginning that we wanted a family! I think we are definitely paving the way to making our house a Home. By that I mean really getting to know one another (yes it’s almost been 8 years) but you find new things out all the time! How we view life, what makes each other tick, what works best as far as organization goes, how to incorporate our faith in everyday life, and so on! 

Right now I’m on PROJECT HEALTH!! It’s no secret that I DON’T eat Healthy…I’m slowly changing my ways. In the past year processed food has slowly worked it’s way out the door and Whole Food’s have been welcomed into our home. I’ve heard before that your body is the temple of God; I’ve been given the gift of life and I need to treat my body right! It has been hard to change old eating habits but I think I’m getting there; Plus I want to be a Healthy Momma when the time comes!

The whole gym, extreme diet things have never worked with me and I’ve kinda Yo-Yoed around when it comes to my weight. Right now I have to say it’s at an ALL time high as far as weight goes so it’s time to CHANGE my ways. We made the investment of a Vitamix…I call it our Blender on Steroids!! You could literally throw in a hunk of a tree, rocks and dirt and it would whip it up into a smoothest smoothie you have ever drunk! I’ve been ingesting things I would NEVER eat in this life time…or so I thought. For example, beet roots, Ginger Root, Kale, and every other health thing imaginable!! I went down the fresh produce isle at Whole Foods and put I think one of everything in my cart!! It’s been all about experimenting since then!  

Last night I made ice cream with carrots and spinach (*note:  you did NOT taste them!) and it was all chocolaty goodness. I’m not kidding!!!  What sold Ralph on the Price (eeek!) was that the Vitamix is warrantied for 10 YEARS!!!! And is said to last a LIFETIME! 

To further my sales pitch I also informed him of the money we would save long term because we plan on making our own Baby Food; Organic! Knowing the type of things we want for the Future has put a big prospective on what we buy now. We would be spending money on a baby food processer anyway. With this Vitamix it serves as an all in one for THE WHOLE FAMILY!!! The Vitamix which costs around $650 dollars (Yes $650 does seem a tad bit high for a blender and after cookbooks, accessories and extended warranty to 10 YEARS it could get you up around $900) BUT you can’t put a price on your Health!!  *Vitamix does sell cheaper ones, depending on what style you purchase! You could score one for $350! I also think cheap blenders work well too; I had one from Target for $100 bucks that worked good too...Shhh Don't tell Ralph; I really really really wanted this brand/style!! But truth be told you don't need to spend a fortune to eat right if you shop around. :o)

The way I look at it now is….If we do go according to “MY” plan hahaha I will be having a Baby in the next year or two! The Vitamix has an 10 YEAR no questions asked Warranty. With {one child} making our own baby food…The machine pays for itself! Not that I’m against those who “crack” open the jarred baby food because I’m not…Heck I’m not even a momma yet and I may be doing the same. Being a Momma is Hard Work! But as of now I stand my ground on a few things that I believe will fit our lifestyle, such as Breast-feeding (another Hot/controversial topic), Cloth Diapering (who knows how long that will last ;) and Homemade Baby Food are up there on the things we have thought about and want to do! Because really who knows how long your pureed carrots for your most precious gift {baby} have been sitting on the shelf at the grocery store, factory or if the farm they were grown on was even in this country!! I just feel more comfortable knowing that I was the one who handled his or her food and that they are getting it in the purest way possible. Eeek to think this Blog will slowly be turning into a Mommy Blog excites me…Oh the Joys of Life’s Journey!! Can you tell I’m excited, Can you tell this has been a present conversation in our house, Can you tell we are soooo Looking forward to our future! 

Needless to say we have been busy doing a whole lot of Nothing and that’s ok! Life seems to just happen especially when you are not keeping track… Who would have thought a business was brewing in the past two weeks? Talks of Diapers and Baby Food? And the Purchase of a Life Long Investment! I will let y’all know how the Vitamix pans out and I will be sure to keep you posted on this “Not Weight Loss” but rather “HEALTH Journey” we are embarking on!! 

Health and Happiness to all my Readers, oh and Did I say THANK YOU yet and if I haven’t… THANK YOU!!! You all ROCK!! Having almost hit the 100,000 Mark and having 1,500 to 2,000 views a day Completely BLOWS MY MIND!!! All of your e-mails keep me busy on Sunday Night and I LOVE hearing your views on all of my blog related stuff!! Your out pour of Love and Encouragement has been astounding. I have talked to people from all over the World, who would have thought! I hope to stay current and blog often and LOVE that you all are sharing my Life’s Journey with me! 

*I’ve gotten many e-mails asking me different questions about everything from beauty, diy, relationship advise, to what kind of toothpaste I use Hehe I’ve been thinking of different ways to answer these questions instead of just via e-mail. Nadetta from Germany (Yes ALL the way from Germany!!!) has suggested a post on a certain day where I answer readers’ questions! I think that is a great idea Nadetta, thank's for the suggestion, I will have to give it some thought and put something together! :o) Not that I’m an expert in any area by any means but I will surely give you all my take on it or any subject for that matter :o) 

Off to cook dinner for the first time in two weeks "Crock Pot Style"  because who really Cooks during a heat wave... Not me ;) Ralph's a good sport, Love you something Crazy R!!

Don't forget to stop by my friend Crystals Bowtique and for all things Vintage Here !!

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Friday, June 22, 2012


Friday Night....

                                                                                                                          That's All.

Sarah's Spoiled Baby Boutique

Sold Out! Thank you Everyone....Taking a "Tutu" break...will be up and running when I get more time :o)

Sarah’s Spoiled Baby Boutique makes custom “Once in a Lifetime” 1st Birthday Outfits!!! This Set includes: Tutu & 1st Birthday Onsie. Matching Headbands available for an additional $6 & up from Little Lily's Bowtique :o)  

Sarah’s Spoiled Baby Tutu’s are Full & Fluffy. I use top of the line Tule, so your Baby will be comfy on her Big Day!!

Tule is Hand Knotted on Ribbon to match. I use ribbon as elastics can be extremely uncomfortable, Ribbon allows you to put on and take off easily for maximum comfort!!
Tule is 100% Nylon; Flame Retardant (Made in the USA)

Sarah’s Spoiled Baby Boutique Measurement Guide:
12-18 months: Waist: 17" Length: 6" (although ribbon band allows to take in or out as needed) as each Tutu is custom ordered I can adjust measurement. 

*TuTu's can be made to fit any Theme, Occasion and Age!!

Tutu Set will Ship within 7-14 business days, upon received payment. 

All Tutu’s are made with Love in a smoke free environment! 

Custom Tutu & Head Bands available Contact Via E-mail or Esty Shop's!!! :)  

Birthday Party Favor Bags also available. (Includes: one set of clips per favor)  

Purchase Tutu's HERE!

Don't forget to Visit Little Lily's Bowtique for custom Bows, Clips and Headbands!!!!  

Saturday, June 16, 2012


Not much to say this week....Been busy being (HAPPY). Nothing more, just being.  It's indescribable how fulfilling life really is. Electronics have taken the back burner as I {we} have embraced the outdoors, walks, ice-cream, friends and family. 

Oh and Being in LOVE.
What can I say, other than HAPPY!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

200 Date Night Ideas

I Love to Do New Things with Ralph and I feel like we are always coming up with new Ideas....I Decided to compile all of the ideas into a Check List, so we could see the things we want to do and the things we have already checked off!! It's Amazing how quickly it grew to 200!! 

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Have your Own DATE IDEAS comment below and I will be Sure to Add them!!! 

  1. Movie Night
  2. Spa Night at Home!! I did this for Ralph, Read about it HERE!! (at Home Spa)
  3. Kindle together (same book)
  4. Draw each other, yes really! I’m positive you will laugh the entire time! We did HERE
  5. Have breakfast in bed at Night! Try these Pancake Pops
  6. Go for a walk, but take a new route!
  7. Bake chocolate chip cookies
  8. Make a New* Dinner only using what you have in the house
  9. Dip fruit in chocolate, or each other ;)
  10. China night; Details HERE
  11. Watch the Sunset on a Blanket in your backyard
  12. Go to your local animal shelter and volunteer
  13. Go to a Local sports event; baseball, soccer, ect.
  14. Have a youtube date night
  15. Go for a scenic Drive
  16. Go to the Boston Museum of Science (or whichever is in your state)
  17. Visit an Art Gallery
  18. Go to the Library or Barnes and Noble
  19. Make a Scavenger Hunt
  20. Play Lego’s (yes I’m serious) Haha We did, check it out HERE
  21. Board Game Night; we did Scrabble
  22. Go to a Yard Sale and see who can find the better find with a budget of $10 dollars!
  23. Go to the Drive-In
  24. Go out on a Date Day but make rules…You can only do things you have coupons for!
  25. Pumpkin Patch Date Day
  26. Get IceCream cones and go to the park and swing on the swings
  27. Fall :build a leave pile and Jump In!!
  28. Winter: build a Snowman
  29. Spring: Dance in the Rain
  30. Summer: have a water Balloon fight
  31. Go on a Picnic
  32. Have friends over for Dinner (indoor picnic on the floor)
  33. Go ice Skating
  34. Rent Kayaks
  35. Go for a Bike Ride
  36. Drive to Newport and Fly Kites
  37. Go to an Arcade
  38. Carve Pumpkins
  39. Go Apple Picking, Strawberry Picking, Blue Berry Picking
  40. Drag your boy to the Ballet but take him out for a Beer after ;)
  41. Go for a walk on a nature trail
  42. Visit the local state park
  43. Go GEO CACHING!! We did HERE
  44. Go Snowboarding; then go to the Lodge and snuggle up by the fire and drink hot coco
  45. Rent a Hotel Room in your town and act like you’re on Vacation; Order Room Service!
  46. Make a book of all the Fun Places to go for the Future; we did HERE
  47. Go Bowling
  48. Volunteer at a soup Kitchen
  49. Bring Flowers to your moms; that you both picked yourself
  50. Go for a bike ride; bring a back pack with snacks and stop for a mini picnic
  51. Go fishing
  52. Catch Fire Flies
  53. Go on Pinterst and find a YUMMY desert to Make together or try these HERE
  54. Go to a Haunted House
  55. Go to Starbucks and chat
  56. Go to the Grafton Flea Market
  57. Play Bingo at a VFW
  58. Take Dance Lessons
  59. Go to the Gym Together
  60. Go to a Play
  61. See a 3d Movie
  62. Make a List of all the things you Love about one another. I did HERE
  63. Go to a Jazz Bar
  64. Go to Gillette Stadium and watch a Pats Game
  65. Book a Trip on last minute Vaca’s Cheap! Head to VEGAS!
  66. Go to the Batting Cages
  67. Mini Golf
  68. Find a waterfall and visit it!
  69. Adopt a pet (lifelong commitment but worth it! Date you will never forget)
  70. Take a piano lesson together
  71. Go to a NBA Game
  72. Watch a whole Season of your favorite show together
  73. Build a scrapbook of all the photos that have been sitting in your camera
  74. Get your palms read and futures told
  75. Get couple massages
  76. Go to a Surf and Turf
  77. Paris Date; All things French
  78. Get all dressed up and go out for drinks
  79. Go on a Date where you first met; recreate the night ;)
  80. Attend a book reading/signing
  81. Search for antiques
  82. Walk the Beach; Holding Hands
  83. Visit a Winery; better yet try making your own
  84. Take the ferry to Martha’s Vineyard
  85. Make up Poems about one another
  86. Go into Boston and have a Horse and Carriage Ride through the City
  87. Go Skinny Dipping (even if it’s your own pool)
  88. Build a model car together; or buy two and see who can build there’s faster
  89. Decorate and Release Sky Lanterns.... We Did HERE
  90. Go to a Festival
  91. Go to Foxwoods and stay the night
  92. Go to the Southwick Zoo
  93. See a Local Band
  94. Go to a restaurant you both have never been!
  95. Go to Church together
  96. Go rock climbing
  97. Go to a shooting range
  98. Go Camping
  99. Have Dinner on your Roof, seriously! We did HERE
  100. Go on the Boston Duck Tour 
  101. Go to a Country Concert 
  102. Make a Playlist of all your favorite "Back in the day Music" and have a dance party in your living room together! 
  103. Rent Jet Skies
  104. Go Sky Diving or something else extreme that you would NEVER do!
  105.  Go to Six Flags...Then Make Frozen Yogurt Pops! Recipe HERE
  106. Play Cricket 
  107. Go Horse Back Riding 
  108. Have a snowball fight
  109. Order Pizza from a Gourmet Pizza place and tell them to make it in a shape of a Heart! Get a Movie!
  110. Bubble Bath for Two ;) Then put on Big Cozy Bathrobes for the rest of the Night!
  111. Go Rollerblading 
  112. Go look your Dream Homes
  113. Make Home Made IceCream; We did HERE
  114. Write Down all your favorite Meals and make a Dinner Menu Board, My how to is HERE
  115. Take an old piece of furniture and Transform it, check out these Before and Afters HERE
  116. Make a Garden together 
  117. Try to learn a new language together; you can only speak that for the whole night...Be sure to have two Dictionaries on hand ;) 
  118. Go to a Local Factory and take a Tour; We went to The Metro West Newspaper; so interesting!! 
  119. Go to a Carnival; don't forget to buy Cotton candy 
  120. Electronic Bowling; on Wii. We Did HERE
  121. Build a Fire outback and make S'mores; cant do that, have one indoors with your stove! 
  122. 50 questions; Write out 50 questions and ask each other! 
  123. Go to a Bakery and indulge in some Yummy treats!
  124. Go on Pinterest and find a DIY Project and try it out. try This one!! HERE
  125. Look at your old Highschool Year Books!! Or pictures you haven't looked through in years! 
  126. Try to follow the end of a Rainbow; given that you see one. 
  127. Watch old Homemade Movies
  128. Go to Hallmark and pick out a Card for every occasion for one another; read them there. 
  129. Make a Pottery Bowl *think of the movie Ghost 
  130. Italian Night; all things Italian, music, food, my man ;) 
  131. Do Crazy Hair; Try Hairchalking Each other, it washes out in one wash so don't worry!! See it HERE
  132. Candle Light Dinner at Home
  133. Make a hand Print stone; add it to your garden when it dries. 
  134. Go swing on a Rope Swing and Swim in the lake 
  135. Canoe
  136. Go to the Dollar store and buy two plastic saucers and GO SLEDDING 
  137. Plan a "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" themed Date Night! We did HERE
  138. Go for a Hike
  139. Take your Dogs to a Dog Park; Bring COOKIES for ALL the dogs there! 
  140. Try to make your own Sushi
  141. Give each other Foot Massages *Simultaneously while on the couch  
  142. Have a Coloring Contest 
  143. Go to a Local Play that a High School is putting on
  144. Do a Relay 
  145. Go to the Butterfly Museum
  146. Go for a Whale Watch 
  147. Go see the Red Sox
  148. Do the Warrior Dash or Tough Mudder...I did it HERE
  149. Get Tattoo's or Henna if you will Not get a Tattoo *like me ;) 
  150. Pierce Something; by a professional, not each other haha
  151. Get Pedicures; I promise he will love it! 
  152. Make a Date List "To Do" Like we are doing now ;) 
  153. Download new App's to your ipads and play each other *Words with Friends
  154. Go to an Organic Farm; pick up Asparagus and make THIS
  155. Go to Whole Foods and Sample!! 
  156. Get your Pictures taken Professionally 
  157. Go see Santa or the Easter Bunny 
  158. Give your Pets a Bath outside
  159. Hit some Golf Balls 
  160. Give each other a makeover; even pick out new outfits 
  161. Make your own candles 
  162. Redo a room in your home; with things you already have in your Home! 
  163. Clean out the Garage, then Celebrate 
  164. Go to the Mall; Stroll; Hold hands
  165. Go to a Furniture Store and Browse for the Future 
  166. Go for a Train Ride
  167. Go to look at old Mack trucks (Ralph's favorite) 
  168. Visit an Elderly Home; Bring Flowers 
  169. Take your nieces and nephews out 
  170. Go to Newport and tour the Mansions
  171. Make your own Board game
  172. Have a Slumber Party and sleep in a different room in your house. 
  173. Karaoke even if you cant sing!
  174. Take a Sculpting Class
  175. Tour a brewery 
  176. Go to the Botanical Gardens 
  177. Take a Road trip 
  178. Go to Your Secret Spot; See ours HERE
  179. Go to a Paint Ball place and Battle 
  180. Lazer Tag 
  181. Go to purgatory and climb massive rocks 
  182. Go for a Hot Air Balloon Ride 
  183. Kiss at the Top of a Ferris Wheel 
  184. Kiss Under the Stars, Bring a Blanket and Scope
  185. Make Music Together; Record it. 
  186. Stay in your PJ's all day and do Nothing together; always fun!
  187. Have a Cup Cake war and see who can design the better Cupcake
  188. Have a Scrabble Date Night, we did HERE
  189. Role Play 
  190. Pick your favorite theme and have a "Theme" night 
  191. Have an Electronic Free Night, Try THIS
  192. Sit in a Sauna together 
  193. Build a Tree Swing; then make lemonade and swing for the afternoon, while listening to the crickets. 
  194. Go to a Hobby Store and find something new
  195. Organize your home together 
  196. Make you favorite Childhood candy together, we did HERE Old Fashion candy Buttons! :)
  197. Wrestle; Play flag football
  198. Meet others new couples in your area and all go out
  199. Zumba Together 
  200. LOVE on each other, the Whole night <3 
  201. Craft together 

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Phone Drop Off

Ralph and I had a few friends over for dinner a few weeks ago, and I joked with one of my girlfriends that we will probably all be in separate rooms talking on our cells to one another; we seem to have been glued to them for the past 10 years. It’s incredible how lost I feel without my cell phone, then I thought back to the care free days when someone would leave you a message on your answering machine on your HOME phone line. You could enjoy a whole day out with no interruptions what so ever, how peaceful! So the wheels started turning for our dinner night we were hosting.  Upon entering the door I put a basket which read “Phone Drop Off” Everyone got a kick out of it!!! Even though it started off as a Joke, one by one everyone put their phones in, including Ralph and I!! The night was wonderful, it’s amazing how present we all were, being able to catch up with no distractions. Some even said they were going to have it in their homes!! Maybe a Family Sunday where all lap tops, cell phones, ipads, palm pilots and other electronics get dropped off! I think Ralph and I will try it out too!!  

Check out the Cute Little Basket…I think it’s a Keeper!! 

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Sunday, June 3, 2012

33 Things I Love about You

Ralph’s 33rd Birthday Past…His celebration week seemed to never end and we enjoyed every second of it. To me it’s more than a birthday; it’s a celebration of a whole year of Ralph’s Life, Our Life! In honor of Ralph I decided to give him a list of the 33 things I Love about him, in no particular order and only the first 33 things that came to mind {Right Now} I love winging things ;) 

I love...

1. His Heart

2. His love of our two dogs; all animals

3. His love of his and my family

4. That he is 100% Italian; Tall, Dark and Handsome

5. That he is such a hard worker, even if he is sick he is at work

6. How much he is madly in love with me

7. That he kisses me every morning before he leaves for work

8. His love for children

9. His never ending support while I’m in school/work

10. His love for Mack Trucks

11. His unbelievable cooking

12. That he secretly loves 90210 and watches it with me

13. That he leaves ALL decorating up to me

14. That he randomly brings me home flowers

15. That he looks over and smiles at me for no reason

16. That he is Strong, like really, really strong

17. That he is excited for our future and talks about “when we have kids…”

18. That he always makes me feel safe

19. That he will participate in my crazy blog ideas, no matter how stupid they may be…

20. That he is a 6'4"  tough guy, yet he will talk on a toy phone to his one year old nephew 

21. That he will go upstairs and start a bath for me…bubbles and all!

22. He does DISHES AND LAUNDRY, in fact he does everything! I craft ;)

23. He always has me laughing, he is wicked funny!
24. He has an amazing smile; it gets me every time

25. That he is a member of St.Jude and has been for years, helping families with sick kids

26. That he watched “girly movies” on Saturday Movie nights…I watch his movies too

27. He still holds my hand, at home and in public

28. He loves Frank Sinatra and sings “Summer Wind” to me often

29. That he picked me to love forever

30. That canned food grosses him out to no end! If it requires a can opener he won’t eat it!

31. That we still {play}, chasing each other around the house after over 7 years

32. His intensely amazing eyes

33. That he is neat and organized, dare I say WAY more organized than me!! 

HAPPY 33rd BIRTHDAY Ralph Steven….I Love you something Fierce!!!

Saturday, June 2, 2012


The alarm on my phone seems to go off several times a day, with reminders, to do's and deadlines. I LOVE the weekends....Time to check out! Ralph and I are attempting to go "Electronic Free" tomorrow and REALLY enjoy our Sunday!! No distractions, Just Us. I secretly cant wait!! 

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