Thursday, February 9, 2012

Dinner "Menu Board"

We recently found out we are Having a BABY GIRL!!! So I joined Top Baby Blogs and would be over the Moon if you would take two seconds, (Really just TWO I promise) by clicking the link below then clicking the first Owl!! You are Awesome!! Thank You, Hope you enjoy your Dinner Menu Board:) 

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My MENU BOARD is Finally Complete!!!! YIPPEE

It has over 150 recipes and on the last day of the month Ralph and I will choose 28-31 dinners we want for that month…Recipes are attached on bottom; color coded by section: Asian, Breakfast (for dinner), Chicken, Dessert, Mexican, Misc. Recipes, Pasta, Pork, Seafood, Side Dishes, and Steak recipes. Including Grocery List on back of each recipe card. There is also a “Note Section” on the left of the board where we will keep important dates of what’s going on that month. All Dinners/Numbers are Magnetic so its so Easy to switch around! :o)

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What you will need:
Dry Erase Board
Magnetic Tape
Buttons/Gems (you will add magnetic tape to these)
Thumb Tacks
Metal Rings
Card Stock Paper (at least 10 different colors) The key to this board is Organization, that way it will be Super Easy to plan your meals.You will also add magnetic tape to these!!
Reinforcements Stickers to add to your recipe's so they don't rip off the metal ring.

I purchased everything at AcMoore!! Staples for the Metal rings and Reinforcement Stickers

Collect all of your Recipe and sort by Category. Such as chicken, steak, pork and so on. There are also so many great websites with recipes, I got 75% of my recipes from other people!! 

Add your Meal in the Squares...Little square is for the date and long rectangle is for category (chicken) You will print about 11 of these.

These are for your Recipes....Be sure to Match the color in your first template to the category it goes with :o)

Thank you Pinterest for your NEVER ending Great Idea's and Robin for posting....I officially have a Pinterest Obsession!! Up Next Homemade Spices and DIY Magazine rack!!! Stay Tuned.


Helena said...

How did you drew the squares on top of the whiteboard?

Sarah Renee said...

Hi Helena :o) the squares were already on the board...I bought it at I think acmoore or Walmart. It's a calendar white board. :) although if you buy a plain white board you could draw the lines on with a ruler using a permanent marker. That way it won't come off when you use the dry erase markers :)

Helena said...

Thank you! I am planning on doing this for my mom but we don't have wallmart here in Spain so I would have to do it with a simple white board. ;)

Sarah Renee said...

What a great surprise for your mom, I'm sure it will come out Fabulous. If you have any great recipes please feel free to share!! I would love to add one to my board...all the way from Spain!! :o)

Anonymous said...

Where do u keep the little squares with the meal on it when not in use?

Sarah Renee said...

I just bought a little plastic storage box at the Dollar Store :)

Camille Stronks said...

can you upload your reciepes? so we can just print them off?

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