Monday, February 6, 2012

Crazy Life.

I'm Loving that I have the Most Outrageously Loving and supportive Boyfriend. I've been so Crazily busy with School and Work...and when I'm supposed to be getting things done I'm "Pinning" Wishing I hadn't joined Pinterest for another few months but I have to learn self control somewhere right?! Tomorrow I will try not to "Pin" as I will be student teaching for most of the day in a 4th grade classroom...Yippee.

Looking foward to a break this weekend and seeing "The Vow" yes, Ralph said he would go!!
                                                                      Shocking I Know......
                                                                                                  So there you have it, my week in a nut shell.
Oh and did I mention since joining Pinterest and linking up my blog I have had some days with traffic over 500!!!!! Thank you all for stopping by. Really it is the highlight in my day to see visitors that have flew in to peek into our lives and home. I'm hoping in a few months (after this Crazy Semester) I will Blogging more. I know I'm lacking in Date Night Ideas and I've received your e-mails and I Promise I will get them going. :o) Thank you Everyone

*Sorry Momma's I haven't gotten back to y'all about your inquires for Baby of the Month, unfortunately as of right now there are no more spots for the year 2012. Although I will keep you all in mind if anything happens...Example (Failure to get baby "Fun Facts" from mommy's)!!! Will be sending out a mass note via-email to you all tomorrow....Thank you for making Baby of the Month a Huge Success!! :o)

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