Friday, February 24, 2012

Logs and Tables

Now that spring is approaching I wanted to figure out the layout of the back yard.... We have a Patio set and I also picked up single chairs that we had at the Lake House...Now trying to find a purpose for them at the new house seems hard. Although I don't want to throw them out or have them sit in he basement. Table's that I have looked at have been to high to go next to the chairs (they are low beach chairs) but as I walked the dog in the woods I saw piles of wood stumps and thought those would be PERFECT for little tables next to the chairs....Did a little research and found a TON of great ideas for wood stumps!! There is a great website "Creative ideas and Before After" that I have become obsessed with.

Here is what the Ugly Log looks like...... and this is what it will Look like (Only outside) the perfect end table for our guest to place their drinks or food on. Now waiting till the weather gets a little warmer to work on it. Bringing a couple in the Garage to dry out a little...Hmmm wonder what Ralph will think when he gets home and opens the garage door hehehe :o)

The Best Part is they sell them at Pottery barn for Over 100 dollars and at West Elm for 200!!!! 
and MINE ARE FREE!!!!!

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