Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Morning Routine

My Morning routine is Slowly changing into a non rush on the fly morning to a more useful time of day... Although I can't say it's been easy because it has NOT. I am not a morning person but my day's seem to be so jam packed lately that I need a little me time because I have totally fell off the Health Wagon! It's been one day. To be exact. BUT its was Wonderful. One of My favorite things to do is Dance.... So I woke up, took my Pups out and did "Rock this Party" warm up, made a Smoothie and shuttled out the door at 6:35a.m. to start my day. The smoothie was Amazing and I've been making them for a couple of weeks now, they are so easy to make and literally take three minutes to make....This week I will film myself making one just to show you all how easy it really is. It is so Refreshing and keeps me full all morning. I'm going to Post the video of the Dance I did this morning, it is so Fun and so easy to learn....Thinking about joining a Zumba class but this will work in the meantime.
                                                                So Fun!! 

oh and Friday I will be leaving for Plymouth with Ralph, Sandra and Kevin until Monday for our Valentine's Vacation.... Excited!

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