Monday, February 20, 2012

Taking Sides

We spent the weekend at a beach house for our Valentine's Day Celebration. The actually day fell in the middle of the week and consisted of chocolates, flowers and cards. We always get creative and do special things throughout the week but the most exciting part is going away. We stay in a fabulous home that is literally on the Ocean. I've posted many pictures throughout my blog of this home, it's spectacular.

Then it was time for bed..... in a QUEEN! Ralph and I have a king and I somehow end up on his side every night. The dogs and I practically push Ralph off the bed. We are so scrunched up on his side that you could fit 2 grown men on my side of the bed. For the past two months I have somehow managed to sleep on my side of the bed and Ralph has been Loving all the room...That was until our vacation!! We will see tonight if I can stay on my side after have a cozy space to share all weekend! One thing is for sure it will be so Nice to Sprawl out tonight now that we are home.

I found these on Pinterest and I'm so tempted to buy them......... If only they matched my bedding.....

                                                               Looking forward to sleeping in our Own bed tonight!!

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