Sunday, February 12, 2012

Dinner & A Movie

Last night Ralph and I went out to Dinner & a Movie with our friends Tony & Crystal. We started the night off at 6pm movie at 7:30. I guess the timing wasn’t that great as Chillis was packed and we had a thirty minute wait. Sat at 6:30 waited for our food till 7:00….with thirty minutes until our Movie we chowed down and walked over to the movie at 7:40 thinking we made it just in time. We walk through… look up and there is not an empty seat in the Theater besides a couple stragglers. I guess we forgot that it was “Technically” Valentines weekend and we were going to see a Romantic Movie. Ralph and Tony took the two Handicapped seats as Crystal and I settled on the floor (Yes Crystal and I were that desperate to see it we were willing to sprawl out on the floor, it was a Miracle that we got these two to say Yes we weren’t backing down now) As quickly as we got settled a man came over in his little theater suit and told us it was against fire code and he would find us seats. He went up into the stands and pushed a bunch of people down and there we sat arm and arm with strangers…I think we may have been happier on the floor ;) 

*The Movie was not that great unfortunately. I think I was expecting more of a “Notebook” type feel of Romance. I think the Commercial trailer highlighted most of the romance the movie had. Regardless it was still a fun night, full of laughs and it was so good to get out and enjoy each other’s company.

It's always nice when my mom stops over my house while I'm getting I sat and did my make-up she just started curling my hair like she usually does if we are in my bathroom, dressing room or near a curler for that matter....She whipped up curls a cross fade braid in 6 minutes!!
Today I made some Festive Pinterest inspired Treats…. Now it’s time to RELAX for the Rest of this Sunday….I will head upstairs…draw a Hot Bath…get my book/magazines and do nothing for the rest of the night. 

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