Saturday, February 4, 2012

"FOOTBALL" Chocolate Covered Strawberries

 Preparing for the SUPER BOWL..... Of course Y'all know I'm from New England and we are Preparing for another WIN tomorrow. I cant say that I'm a huge Football fan but Ralph is, so I'm usually on the side lines painting my nails, asking Ralph a million Questions, such as "what does that mean" "why are they covering their mouths when they talk" "how many points is a field goal" and "are those yellow lines really on the field?" and in the Kitchen Making Food!!

   "FOOTBALL" Chocolate Covered Strawberries 

 So Easy....Melt white and milk chocolate chips (In microwavable safe dish) Dip strawberries in chocolate, let set for 15 min. Then fill a piping bag with white chocolate and make white lines in resemblance to football laces! :o)
GO PATS!!!!!!!!!
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Anonymous said...

These are adorable. I was looking for something cute like this! Thank you! And I can't even tell you how happy it makes me that you admit to not being a huge football fan. Almost every girl friend I have likes football - or tries to act like it. Sometimes, I feel like such a loner because I'm usually the ones asking the same questions! I try to act like I care, but I just don't! LOL.

Sarah Renee said...

Hahaha It's so true, our "team" the Patriots lost our spot in the Superbowl...I couldn't help but grin, little did I know we would still be having people over and watching the Super Bowl! Ahhhh LOL, one more day until next year. I am excited to decorate and cook...but will probably be scrapbooking while they yell and scream at the TV. And you are so Welcome, I'm happy you like them!! :o)

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