Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Magnetic Make-Up Board

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Magnetic Make-Up Board 

This morning in another attempt to put on my make-up in the ten minutes I had before I had to fly out the door, I couldn’t find my Mascara or my Eyelash Curler…How frustrating. I realized I needed a better system, so after I ran a few errands I headed to the craft store with an idea in mind. Ever since I made the Magnetic Dinner Board I have went on a Magnet Craze!!! I had two picture frames that I have wanted to use for a project because they match nothing in our house….That’s were the Magnetic Make-Up Boards come into play! 

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What you will need:
Old Frames
Sheet Metal
Hot Glue Gun
Scrap booking Paper for the background
Magnet's (The magnetic tape doesn’t work, I tried and the makeup just slides down) 
Spray Paint (If you want to change the Frame Color) 

 Hot Glue the Back of the Metal piece....I got mine at Home Depot for around 4 dollars and had them cut it for me :o)
 Pick out a few pieces of scrap booking paper you like or that match where you are planning on hanging your Make-Up Board. That's the fun part.....The Frame is actually a little more gold than Silver so I will be spray painting the frame.
 It's so nice to Organize your Make-up; there is nothing worse than having hundreds of Dollars worth of make-up thrown in a bin. As the seasons change I will swap out different colors by adding magnets to the back and sticking them on the board.
 So excited to Hang up My Make-up Board in my Bathroom, Easy access right next to the Mirror and Sink
 I made a make shift pocket by using a piece of scrap booking paper and gluing the bottom and sides while leaving the top open to but my eyebrow brushes in there.
 Both Boards Complete!!! :o)


 This is the most exciting part..... The Pictures I bought about 6 years ago at an Estate Sale for around 6 dollars each. When I opened them up I noticed chalk on my fingers from the pictures and flipped them over and found this...... I'm excited to do some research to find the artist and story behind these handcrafted pictures!!!!!

 If you make your own make-up board remember to be thrifty find your frames at yard sales for a $1, Sheet Metal $4, spray paint the frame ($2 dollars for spray paint) Buy a couple of pieces of scrapbook paper ($1) and Magnet Tabs ($2) And you have a Super Cute Magnetic Make-Up Board that Organizes everything you need on a daily bases!!  
These are a Couple Of Fun Ones I made:

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