Saturday, February 11, 2012


I have made a new Pinterest Account....I didn't realize I had my personal e-mail attached to that account along with my Facebook. (the settings wouldn't let me change it) My e-mail was flooded with Blog related love & questions and I LOVE to hear from you all but missed a few important e-mails for school and friends "in real life" do to the amount of Blogger stuff....I have created a Blog E-mail just for Y'all and I will definitely get back to all of you!! It may take some time but I will!! You ALL are so nice and I love your inspirational E-mails YOU ROCK!!Seriously Made My Week!! Love you Guys!!! <3 <3

Blogger Love can Reach me at 

and for everyone my new Pinterest account is HERE

*and for those of you wishing to get rid of your existing pinterest account Good Luck!!! It took FOREVER and was finally able to do it through my ipad!

Enjoy your weekend everyone!!!

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