Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sky Lanterns

We recently found out we are Having a BABY GIRL!!! So I joined Top Baby Blogs and would be over the Moon if you would take two seconds, (Really just TWO I promise) by clicking the link below then clicking the first Owl!! You are Awesome!! Thank You, Hope you enjoy your sky lanterns :) 

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Last Night was a Magical Night, one we are on our Valentines Getaway and two we released Flying Lanterns, also known as Sky Lanterns over the Ocean last night. The day was full of Relaxation, as we all lounged around the beach house, at one point Ralph was walking past the huge windows overlooking the Ocean and said matter of factly with no excitement, “There’s Seals on the rocks.” Sandra and I raced to the deck, as soon as we saw them we started screaming with excitement and threw our shoes on, flew down 4 flights of stairs...Raced down to the beach and watched them. It was amazing there were so many!!! Later that night we headed to the British Beer Company (which is nothing like the new ones they have built around here) It’s been there forever and is so authentic. We had a delicious dinner then headed back to the house to release our sky lanterns. Throughout the day we had been decorating them, writing our personal messages to send love to heaven, our hopes and dreams for the present and future... we released so many Sky Lanterns they looked so Beautiful!! 

Their sparkle can be seen flying up in the air for up to 20 minutes and will travel several miles in distance it was so Magical!!! Sky Lanterns will fly to more than 1,000 feet in altitude as we watched them until they disappeared. They are 100 percent biodegradable too….although we later read that if you are sending them over the ocean you are to contact your local coast guard and inform them as they can be mistaken for flares…Oops. After our release we headed back in the house, lit a fire and played scrabble to the sound of the Ocean waves crashing against the shore. I cherish these times at the beach house with great friends, my soul mate and my two lovies Sammie and Joshy. Tomorrow morning we will be scouring the beach for treasure to take home to add to our beach vase that we have been filling for the past 3 Years.<3 Hope y'all are enjoying your long weekend. 

 ~~~~~~~~~~~This is when we (or I ) panicked and thought we would have to call the Fire Department!! Soon the Winds picked up and swept it out over the Ocean!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~



Juliana B said...

Do you have any instructions on how to make the lanterns? I'd love to do this!

Sarah Renee said...

Hi Juliana- I actually bought these at iparty for $4.99 each. :o) I'm sure there is a "how to" online somewhere...I will have to poke around because I would LOVE to know how to make them too! :o)

Anonymous said...

Where did you let this off boyfriend just bought some but they are illegal in my so... if u did it I can too haha

Sarah Renee said...

Oh that's a bummer! We live in Massachusetts. I think the only restriction we have here is letting them go over the ocean as they can be mistaken for flares (as I later found out!) I know people use them for weddings and stuff all the time around here. The ones we released are 100% biodegradable. :)

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