Monday, February 27, 2012


It's almost 1pm and I haven't really been able to get anything done....All I can think about is you! Monday's seem the longest because I had the luxury of being with you all weekend and now all I can think about is 6pm when we will give each other hello kisses, have dinner, snuggle on the couch and do are nightly routine...Together!! It's magical being in Crazy Love. I can't explain's indescribable. I cant even comprehend that this is MY Life, this is how its going to be Forever. WOW I'm lucky and blessed.

Ralph is my Rock, he is so comforting whenever I'm feeling stressed, sick or any other crazy state I may be in. People have there things that comfort them when they are feeling shaky and mine is just him. It relaxes me just to look at him, really. I think he is used to it by now, sometimes he looks over and smiles and other times he doesn't even realize, I don't think I even realize that I'm doing it, just seeing his face is calming. There has to be others out there like me?? anyone? and if there are boy are you guys lucky!!

What can I say....Today I'm in serious LOVE! What a Beautiful thing to be.

                                                                           I Love You

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