Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Spend Life...

Today is my 7 SEVEN yes that's right 7 year Anniversary with my guy. Yes he is spectacular and he thinks I kinda Rock too!! Earlier I had written 8 on my Facebook page but was later corrected by him. Yes-He is also pretty funny too. I think he got a kick out of my mistake but the whole day I thought we were two years away from 10...Bummer. But we are getting there...Slowly crawling up the ladder of LOVE. I cant believe I have spent my entire 20's (adult life) with this man. It still baffles me! My teens came and went... then there was just him...My knight and shinning Armor....and I have been floating ever since.

I knew I loved him before I met him.
           Couldn't believe it when he was finally mine.
                      Was in a state of Bliss when he uttered the words "I LOVE YOU"
                                         Can't believe this is my life.


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