Friday, April 6, 2012

Yogurt Pops

                   YOGURT POPS

So it's Friday and the warm weather is Rapidly approaching. It's time for lighter meals and healthier eating. With that said I decided to put my "Cake Pop" pan to good use. I bought a container of Fat Free Strawberry Yogurt and placed it in a plastic baggie for easy pouring. Clamped the cake pop pan with the two yellow rubber clips it came with...Filled the cake pop pan (Make sure you shake and bang on the table or you will get air bubbles) and add some pop sticks when they are full. {Freeze} They are ready in an hour...Depending on how cold your freezer is. Once you take them out the top lid will pop right off. If they stick you can fill up your sink with warm water and place pan in the water just for a few seconds. Then you have DELICIOUS Yogurt Pops!!!! A nice Healthy Spring/Summer Treat!! I have to admit I am making a batch dipped in chocolate then refreezing on a tray....Have a little Fun....Without the Guilt!! I will let you know how they come out!! 

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