Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Baby of The Month

Matthew Joseph 

Hey Everyone....Meet April's Baby of the Month, Matthew!!!! Matty loves all kinds of food his favorite right now is yogurt and fruit. Matt Loves to play with his cars and trucks... His favorite is his little puppy/blanky we call it paparoo loves snuggling with it and sleeps with it.

Matty Loves animal picture books, loves playing outside, going for walks, visiting his Bobo and bo, if he hears music playing he starts to dance, plays peekaboo, mamma dadda when he feels like it, he loves his sister they play together all day, he follows her around and wants to do whatever she is doing!!

Matty loves playing Ball he rolls it or throws it to you ... Or will play all by himself throws it and goes get it... Watching it bounce... 

Things that make Matty happy are Bubbles.. loves being in the water... TUBBY Time his Momma and Dadda can't get him in fast enough!

His mom and dad knew they were in trouble on March 12th the day Matty let go of his walker toy…..He has been on the move ever since!! 

Matty loves playing with his sister and little cousins especially now cause he can walk after them... He is a snuggle bug and gives hugs he is such a happy baby, and him and his sister are two peas in a pod....When they start Laughing be prepared (they don’t stop) and it usually ends with them both falling over. 

He loves to watch mickey mouse club house and Barney.. when its chill out time... He is a loving playful curious little boy and is VERY daring no fear climbs anything...that he can!
Something  silly Matty does... you take his diaper off (when changing) he runs off and laughing. Already streaking....He must get his Spunky Personality from his TT ;) 
 Don't worry about me...I Have the Best sister in the World and she is going to teach me all about Life!! A built in Best Friend for Life!!

Matty loves to put his hand to his mouth and blows on it making noises... Also loves the park... And big machines like his grandpas bobcat and uncles loader could care less how big it is will walk right up to it even if it’s on ...Want to but a big smile on this boy’s face just put him on Daddy’s 4 wheeler or tractor and you have one happy boy!!

 What a little Ham....Feeding his Baby!!

7 more Baby’s to go before the Grand Prize Drawing. Which I will choose at Random LIVE Stream for all Momma’s to see!!! 

If you would like to have your baby featured or nominate a baby please contact me Via Facebook or e-mail me at sarahreneelee@yahoo.com ****Unfortunately at this time all spots are full for the year 2012**

The Winning Baby of the Year Gift Basket will include the following:

$100 dollar Gift Card to Janie & Jack....you can check out their website Here

Chenille Confetti Love on the Go!™ (with your choice of design)You can check that out Here  Not to mention lots of other 
fun trinkets!! 

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