Monday, October 24, 2011

Family Books

A little glimpse on how our Household runs, I have certain ways to keep our house organized and efficient. Years ago we had a drawer full of Menus and Recipes and I knew I needed to organize it, but how?? I decided to head to staples and get white binders with plastic slip in pages. I really got into it and decorated the covers and put inserts of their names on the side. I took twenty minutes and went around to all our favorite take out joints and restaurant, even some new places we have never tried before and made our very own Family Take out Guide (there is nothing worse than wanting to get takeout on a Saturday night and being clueless on what to get, this way Ralph and I can flip through it together) . Then I collected all of my recipes along with some of Ralph’s moms recipes and made my "Recipe Book" If I ever need some ideas or just have no clue what to make I will flip through my book. I also have it organized in sections so If I have chicken in the refrigerator and need some ideas I can easily hand Ralph the book and he can go to the chicken section and decided what he wants for dinner, it definitely takes the guessing game out of the equation.

It’s expanded from there and we now have a “Family Activity Book” and “Home Project and To Do’s” book. Ralph and I are pretty busy but when we have a weekend off and want to do something new and exciting we go into our Family Activity Book (Which contains EVERY activity Imaginable in the Boston area, and a few things in VT and NH) and choose what would be Fun! We used it a lot during the summer and we really enjoying having it….I always think to the future too, when we have kids it will be nice to let them look through the activity book and choose what we can All do as a Family. 
As far as our Home Projects book goes, it’s been interesting...It ranges from everything as far as taking out and storing AC’s for winter to Building Ramps/Rails on one side of the bed so Josh won’t fall off!! I always try and find ways to make life easy in our Home, we now have a place for all our recipes and menus, we don’t have "to do" list lying all around the house and if we want to get out and have an adventure we have plenty to choose from!!

More To Come...............

Oh and I know I'm not a VACCA yet but like I said....Always planning for the Future HAHAHA

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