Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fall Drive

Love seems to Follow us Everywhere. Ralph and I took the dogs out before I started Sunday dinner as we walked we were saying how the leaves were really starting to change and it would be the perfect Night to go for a Nice fall drive.

With that we packed up the dogs and headed out, after an hour of the most beautiful scenic drive we decided it was totally a DQ Chicken Basket kinda night, no dishes, no work…How Perfect! We got our food and took a drive to find a nice place to park…settled on a cute area in a neighboring town. It’s amazing how dark it got within an Hour but there we sat Ralph and I and our dogs, a happy little Family Unit. At that moment of thinking could this night be any more perfect Ralph Turns to me and Say’s “I Love You” while holding up an Onion Ring that was the Shape of a HEART!! (Pretty clever Ralph) Of course I Gushed about how unbelievable it was while Ralph laughed. Of course I Grabbed my Camera and took a picture of the Prized Onion ring before it was devoured. 

Oh and just an FYI my mother and I saw Footloose and it was Unbelievable, I’m a Sucker for anything Dance but would recommend it to anyone! Although it was hard for me to sit still in the theater because I wanted to Dance but my mommy and I got it all out when we left the theater!! :)

It’s Amazing how pictures only tell a portion of the whole picture….Within two seconds of taking this picture my beautiful camera was on the ground as I dove to save Joshy as he decided to be Super Man and throw himself off our Picnic Table!! Yes I went face first into the sand, josh was fine, my camera was fine but the embarrassment lasted awhile as Ralph laughed about it for the rest of the night! 

*If it were Sam I would have been able to let him jump but for those of you new to my little world Josh is unable to jump or fully walk after he had surgery on his back, I will be posting about it soon and you can find it under 4 legged kids

With Love, Sarah with an H

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