Saturday, October 22, 2011

Spur of the Moment

We recently found out we are Having a BABY GIRL!!! So I joined Top Baby Blogs and would be over the Moon if you would take two seconds, (Really just TWO I promise) by clicking the link below then clicking the first Owl!! You are Awesome!! Thank You :) 

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Chinese Date Night was a Success, We did not Dress up but every little Detail was accounted for! I even scored these Cute Buddha Mugs when we were picking up our Chinese Food!! Who knew they sold souvenirs at the Counter?!
After the night was winding down I get an unexpected phone call telling me to throw a hoodie on and meet at Dunkin to pick up Pumpkin Coffee’s and Hot Chocolates and be ready for a night of Fright! So what do I do…Tell Ralph to throw on a Hoodie and Grab the Camera and we are out the door….Make a pit stop to pick up my mommy (because you know your mom hates all things scary and drag her with you!!) We arrive at the Haunted Trails and listen to stories of Horror before we embark on a Horrific walk through woods only to be chased by people with chain saws, Knives and crazy's who “escaped” the insane asylum!

And why you ask? Do we do things that haunt us and make us unable to sleep for days to come...Oh that’s right because I have a best friend who is obsessed with Halloween!! Definitely a Great end to a Saturday Night!

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