Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Host Your Own Movie Night

I just got off the Phone with my good friend Sandra. We have been friends for what seems like forever and it’s always nice to catch up during our busy weeks. As we talked about our Crazy schedules planned for the weeks ahead I realized how a night “In” was definitely needed! 

I’ve been trying to think of fun ways to Host a “Date Night” at my house, it’s hard to rally up couples to head out into the Weekend after such a Crazy and Hectic work week. I know our friends like to be Relaxed and to have a “Home Date Night” with other couples is always easy and fun if you plan ahead. Instead of heading out to see a 3d movie which would be $15 dollars a person, for three couples that would be $90 dollars plus $20 dollars a couple for popcorn and drinks. Grand Total $150 for 2 hours and that doesn’t even include going out to Dinner or Drinks after. 

My Advice to people who want to host a three couple gathering… HOST YOUR OWN MOVIE NIGHT!
Couple #1 brings appetizer -$10 French Baguette toasted with evvo , sliced tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella
Couple #2 (host) cooks dinner pasta with homemade sauce $10  Three Bags of Popcorn$2 Wine-Have.
Couple #3 Brings dessert Homemade Brownie $2 Grand Total $24 Dollars!! 

 Is this not the Cutest Date Night set up you have ever seen!! Super Cute!!!

Borrow/Check out a Projector from your local Library. 
Hook up to laptop, rent online movie from Redbox
Hang a white sheet for your back drop
Bring out some cushions or lawn chairs
(Figure who has what games, Pictionary, Scrabble, outburst ect.) Have them bring them along for some added Fun!! Get Creative and Thrifty, String up some white Christmas Lights and light Some Candles for an added ambiance!!

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