Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ralph is Sick

Ralph. Is. Sick. This is definitely a rarity in our House! He NEVER gets sick. Last night he had a Fever and was Coughing…and I mean kept me up until 1:30 in the morning coughing….At around 1:45AM in a half sleep state I went downstairs in my Homemade “Doctor Kit” (pictures to follow) and grabbed the first bottled medicine my hands could touch…It’s hard to know what it even was, I don’t think I even looked?! Along with the Vick's vapor Rub and a Bottle of Water…. Went upstairs turned the light on…Had two very confused dogs looking at me and Ralph out cold but coughing in his sleep…. I sat down next to him filled the medicine cap to the brim and shook him awake, with one eye open Ralph downed the medicine without any question, took a sip of water and his head crashed back down to his pillow fast asleep. I rubbed some Vick's vapor rub on his chest and shut the light off. 20 minutes later…… No more Coughing and I could Finally get some sleep whatever the medicine was certainly worked….Lets Pray for a Restful Sleep tonight but not hopeful he’s not looking any better :/ Getting prepared early tonight and making Ralph some Theraflu Tea, G’Night

If he is still sick this Weekend he may just get Breakfast in Bed 

Click Here to see my Homemade Version of a First Aid Kit

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