Saturday, October 29, 2011


As I’m getting out all the Winter Bins and preparing for another New England Winter I have a certain regimen I follow every year. All the hats, gloves, mittens, scarf and all those kind of things go through the washing machine ( I only use Tide, my favorite) All Snowboarding gear such as pants and jackets go to the dry cleaners and all activity stuff gets dropped off at the local sports store to get Sharpened, this includes my snowboard!! 

Every year I contemplate on getting a new snowboard and every year I can’t part with it. This is my Very First snowboard Ever and I’ve had it for almost a Decade!!   It has seen good days and bad days on the slopes, tree’s, drop offs that weren't intended, almost jumps haha and has even sent someone to the hospital, not me, 8 years ago my boyfriend at the time bumped into it and caught it with his bare foot and sliced his foot wide open, stitches and all! This snowboard has been pulled behind cars attached to a rope (yes not to safe but we were teenagers) It has been pathetic and taken to the hills of MHS to “Practice”, it has rode in school buses when I was in “Ski Club” in High School, bunny hills to black diamonds, late night spur of the moment trips with Ralph to Wachusett….So you see the History behind it. Actually as I reflect I can’t imagine parting with it…Just yet. SO I will drop off my infamous Pink Flowered Snowboard to get Sharpened today and hope to make one more New England Winter Memory with it……

Happy Early Winter Everyone

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