Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday's Over

As I look at the clock it is starting to hit me that the weekend is already over...Our Sunday ritual was disrupted by plows, power loss and scrambling around to get to our Hotel (in time for the Pats Game). Now most of the snow is melted away, we regained power, headed home and watched an Awful game of football. Even though our day was not desirable we did get to spend a portion of the day together...But I miss waking up and not having to "get up" Staying in the warm blankets and cuddling up to Ralph until our little one (Joshy) forces us out of bed with his Crazy licking and army crawl on our faces (not kidding he will crawl on our face and just lay there)! I miss our Sunday Morning.

Oh and did I mention Ralph was Sick and Slept the Entire Weekend :( Although the weekend wasn't a complete wash...I did go to My Cousins Baby Shower, You can check it out HERE

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