Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Battle of the Beard

The Battle of the Beard 

And so it has begun…I don’t know if it was the mention of snow or just to get me going but it has been FOUR days and Ralph has not shaved. Coming from the man who is masterfully meticulous with his “Douche Bag” Beard as it was called on “The Family Guy”, But something I oh so Very Love. Ralph has the most Amazing skin and strong jaw lines. The thought of a beard covering up is magical face make me so Sad. As he now sits on the couch with a sly smirk as he asks “Is it getting long?”

Lord help me.

He has been doing this for about three years and tends to be a battle at the holidays, I tell him to shave and he gets a comb a fluffs it up, So yes, alas, we have been down this road many, many times.

Ralph actually grows a very nice beard (although I would never tell him this) He keeps it neat.
When it became evident that Ralph was going to keep the thing, or was at least considering the idea, I devised my plan of attack.

First Attempt: "It's itchy!"  Counterattack: "It'll grow in softer." 

Second Attempt: "You know there's gray hair in there."  Counterattack: Laughs (It’s Jet Black)

Third Attempt: (Cry) Counterattack: Usually followed by more Laughing
I have to keep reminding myself that something did shift in me last year, as we had the battle of the beard a month before my mom’s wedding, and dare I say it shifted in a good way…. I suppose the Idea of Ralph's Full Beard was kinda “cool” and Sexy. So now as the days get closer to him having a full Beard I try to remind myself that it might not be so bad or will it…. Let the Battle of The Beard Begin!! Stay Tuned to find out the Fate of ALL my Holiday Pictures, Beard or his masterful Line up!?!

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