Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Carving with a Twist

I Love to Decorate our home with pumpkins although last year I went through so many. The Problem I ran into was CARVING TOO EARLY! They would look adorable for about 5 days then I would be tossing them in the “compost” (More to come about composting soon). I went through about 16 pumpkins last year which isn’t exactly money friendly. This year my strategy was to still decorate with pumpkins but with a twist. I have them decorated but not Carved…They have brought such a warm feel to our home and in 7 day’s Ralph and I will be Carving our pumpkins for the week of Halloween.
Mini Pumpkins make the perfect center piece....Tie some Ribbon around them to get a little festive.
If you have Buttons laying around your Houses why not put them to use, They don't all have to match either, mix things up. Tie a Ribbon to the top and paint the stem black! Almost to cute to Carve now!
Check out some Pumpkins I made last year of Ralph and I and our Good Friends Sandra & Kevin
 Fun way to add to your Date Night with friends....Instead of place settings, Pumpkins of the persons assigned seat. Go Ahead, get Creative....You know you want too ;)

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