Sunday, October 23, 2011


Sunday’s in our House have become somewhat a ritual. We will walk the dog’s (Joshy is tough but that’s another post coming soon) and we come in the house and I make some delicious Buttermilk PANCAKES. (I will post recipe soon) Served with fresh fruit and Orange Juice with Lots of Pulp. The one day a week that I will drink something other than water. We never eat at the table on Sundays we set up two high top tv tables and watch the Soprano’s…I always joke with Ralph that the second the pancakes are done and we begin to eat someone is being brutally killed…This morning while we ate our pancakes we watched Tony Soprano bash Ralphie’s Cifaretto face in then choke him until he dies!  Now Christopher and Tony have him in the Tub and they are chopping his Body up with Butcher Knives! I know what your all thinking…. Hahaha But this is our Sunday Morning’s. Something sacred that I treasure, we talk and Laugh. After breakfast I clean the kitchen (we never have dishes in our sink…one of our obsessive habits). 

Then I shower and get ready for a “Mother Daughter Day” We have been doing this since as far back as I can remember, It is SO FUN!!! I look forward to it all week!! We always do fun things and 9 times out of 10 we end up at the Movies, out to lunch at Whole Foods and Shopping!!  

We started a journal like 8 years ago of all the funny things that happen to us throughout the day and we are always Laughing, we have the Best Relationship and Love being with each other! We talk 50 times a day and see each other almost every day but Sundays are really “Our” day! So I’m off because I’m running late again…Good thing my mom is a hop, skip and a jump away…… Enjoy your Sunday Everyone!!!

 If you wonder what Ralphie does…..FOOTBALL FOOTBALL FOOTBALL doesn’t have to be Patriots because I know they are not playing today but he will still be watching Football. Then later tonight around 5 I will cook a nice Sunday Dinner and we will relax for the rest of the evening! 

*We do attend Church but you know how that goes miss 2 Sundays then it turns into two months but we will get back into the swing of things.... eventually.

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