Friday, October 21, 2011

Date Night

Saturday’s are “Date Nights” in our Household but with a full weekend of events in store for next weekend with baby showers, birthdays and weddings we decided to have our Date Night in the comforts of our home.  I know it will be a Take-Out/Movie kind of night and Today I will prepare to Spice it up! It’s easy to have Chinese food but it’s more exciting to really incorporate the culture. I will be bringing the Far East into our home!

I’m sure we won’t go as far as dressing in Hanzhuang (although you all know I would LOVE too) But that doesn’t stop me from really tying in the culture, we will have lots of Reds and Yellows –I will have to get out my square dishes- *note to self-* I will hit up iParty and see what I can find maybe some Chinese dragons &paper lanterns. I will stop at Jo Ann Fabrics to see what silks I can find…..even if I use them to drape over the back of the couch or cover some pillows. 

Food: Feel free to look up some authentic Chinese recipes online but I always think take-out is a fun, easy solution. Don't forget the chopsticks! But for a little added fun I will be making a Traditional Chinese dessert.

Dessert:The dessert I will be making is Baobing!! Baobing is a pile of shaved ice with sweet syrup. It’s often served with fresh fruits like strawberries and sometimes condensed milk. I don’t think I will do the condensed milk part but the rest is a go….We will see how it goes, if all else fails Chocolate Chip Cookies always work too ;)

Drinks:Tea or I may try to find a rice wine.

Movie I've been researching different movies and one that him and I both haven't seen is Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon....But I'm still looking! If you have any suggestions please comment below! :0)

Music:I have been downloading music all morning so while we eat we can listen to the tradition sounds of China.
Pictures To Come! Until Then...

On Second Thought.....Maybe we will Dress Up! My pup's in their Kimono's


Anonymous said...

Sarah, your husband is so lucky to have you! And I am so lucky to have found you! I would think of myself as a creative person but this really puts the sweet syrup on your baobing. I look forward to implementing this and many of your other ideas to create a healthy happy marriage!

Sarah Renee said...

Awe THANK YOU for the sweet and kind words!! I'm sure you and your husband will have a blast! :)

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