Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Killer or Prank

I don’t know when I became one of those people that call the police but with every year I get older I seem to become the neighborhood patrol officer. Today as I drove to pick up some things at the store I was cut off by a man in a station wagon (which happens and I moved on with my day) As I followed behind him I noticed there was something caught in his trunk the closer I got the more my heart pounded, the horror of seeing Blonde Hair coming out of his trunk put me in a panic, I flew up behind him and my erratic driving I’m sure sparked his as he then whipped down a side street….Of course 911 was dialed as I played “pretend cop” and whip down the same street after him….I quickly explained what I saw and was told to stop following the car hahaha How could I …. I’m in a high speed chase with a KILLER!! The man quickly lost me and I gave the plate number to the dispatcher. I got a call about an hour later, they had went to the man’s house had him open his truck and there lied a hair clip attachment that clipped to the side of the trunk as a Halloween decoration….Really??? Really?? With all the Crazy things happening in the world the last thing we need is hair hanging out of trunks. Of course I can tell if its a fake plastic bloody leg but seriously HAIR!?

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