Monday, October 31, 2011

Our Secret Spot

Ralph and I have a secret little spot of heaven tucked away in a wooded area that leads to a Private Beach. It’s so hard to keep our secret spot Hush Hush when I just want to tell everyone to go there! We have been going there for years, it doesn’t matter the weather. We go up every Valentine’s Day for the weekend and throughout the year not just the summer. There is rarely anyone ever there I think we have only seen two people in the 5 years of going there and the area is seemingly remote. We have searched for treasure; have fed wild animals, watched seals on the embankments, had romantic spring picnics, kayaked, baked in the sun, snorkeled, had fires, snowball fights, watched fireworks,  sunsets & sunrises, fished,  flew kites, found crabs & shells, held hands & Kissed in the moonlight. We cherish our secret spot and the best part is we have a beautiful ocean front house to stay at when we go there. As we get close my heart starts to flutter, and the rush of memories consume my body. I Love our Secret Little Spot…..
The Stairs that lead to our Little Oasis.
Picnic's are Always Romantic
This is one of my Favorite pictures...I love it because we didn't know it was being taken. As we were on a wooden Lookout point Laughing Ralph scooped me up and was being silly.....Being in Love captured Forever in a single Picture.
The Only other Two People that know about and have been to our Secret Spot.

*I love all these pictures, they hold a sense of mystery and makes our spot seem a little more secret. Excited that in 10 days Ralph and I will be spending a much needed weekend away at our Special Place..... Until Then. 

Might change the date of "La Sarah Spa Night" to our Weekend Get-a-Way ;) 

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