Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Our Relationship

6 Things Ralph does that have Improved Our Relationship

Moving in with someone changes everything from closet space to your relationship. Change can always be for the better if you let it. Here are 6 things that Ralph does that have changed our Relationship.
  1. He lets me be grouchy. Every couple has arguments (unless they’re lying) and we’re no different. But rather than getting frustrated with my occasional grouchy behavior, he gives me the space I need to vent. If that’s not working, he tickles me or makes the dogs do funny things until I’m laughing hysterically.
  2. He is enthusiastic about my whims. Anyone who knows me knows I get excited about A LOT of things, whether it is baking, cooking, organizing or even an “invention” Ralph lets me get excited and talk about it for hours on end!
  3. He surprises me. Ralph is not a big Romantic, so when he out of the blue writes me a poem and pulls it out before we go to bed and reads it to me I fall in love all over again. Even the little things like coming home to my laundry all done and folded to perfection (he is such a good folder, everything is in perfect squares!) He knows when I need a little extra and is right there to give it to me.
  4. He’s open and honest about where we’re heading in our relationship. There are no guessing games and I don’t hesitate to ask questions or share my own ambitions for us. We talk about our plans for the future and share our goals. It’s pretty incredible to have someone prioritize my goals right next to his own. I have my whole future mapped out, even down to buying my unborn children clothes and planning my wedding…Most guys would head for the Hills but I think Ralph secretly likes it, although he does chuckle when I come home with say ummm a WEDDING DRESS… He just giggles, occasionally tells me I’m Crazy but in reality he is CRAZY for me!!
  5. He lets me teach him things and he’s patient when teaching me! Egos are a funny thing and mine sometimes gets in the way. I am one who always thinks I’m right and just my luck so is Ralph. Instead of taking over and showing me the way he has always done it, Ralph patiently lets me teach him my own way of doing things…even when it’s ass-backward and he knows of 50 superior methods for accomplishing better results. We are definitely a couple that works together, I know by the time we are married and have children our household will be so efficient there will be little room for argument. It’s funny how many fights you see couples fight over, things like, not being able to find something or even down to furniture selection. I like to take that out of the equation by being prepared, organized and knowing what we both want. Ralph and I have learned how to compromise and work with what’s best for both of us…In the End, Happy household was accomplished!
  6. He Loves, Unconditionally, it always amazes me how great our love is. We have been together a long time and people always say the first 6 months of a relationship is the exciting, sweep you off your feet, heart pounding time but eventually will fade away….Ralph and I are going on 6 years  in February and are still completely and utterly head over heels with one another!! It’s beyond words and hard to describe but one word comes to my mind every time….Blessed.  
Maybe we will do something spontaneous this year and go Swimming in Havasu Falls, Supai, AZ Hmmmm Time to investigate Vacation spots for this Summer.......

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