Saturday, November 26, 2011

Holiday Prep

                                       Getting Ready For the Holiday Season...

Last night was a Magical night in our Home, Ralph and I made Hot Chocolate and lit the first Christmas Seasoned Yankee Candles in our home, had the “Fire place” on ;) as we took up bin after bin of Christmas decorations while playing some of our Favorite Christmas music. As we decorated the tree the dogs were so silly as they decided the best place to lie down was on the purple mesh that I was pinching to put on our Tree. I think Ralph had the most Fun…As he peeked in the Target bags and realized I had bought him a helicopter…Yes-He wanted a toy helicopter, I have no idea why but of course I let him have it and he flew it all around the living room while I put the finishing touches on the tree.  
 When the tree was done, Ralph and I made a sweet treat in the kitchen and watched a holiday movie as I of course multitasked and wrapped some of our gifts. This year one of my new-year resolutions was to do 5 ecofriendly things that were creative. After much thought one of them was, I will NOT use wrapping paper this year at Christmas. All of my gifts will be wrapped in newspaper and brown paper bags. I’m so excited about this and it actually looks super cute!! I have lots of ribbon in my house and will make all my tags homemade too!  I donated all my wrapping paper to a local shelter and the money I would have spent on wrapping paper will be donated to the ASPCA. 

*Most people donate toys to various organizations but they often go unwrapped because families are also unable to afford wrapping paper, a lot of the fun of getting presents at Christmas is being able to unwrap them, seeing the pretty colorful paper and the mystery and wonder of what Santa has brought them. Most people buy to much wrapping paper so if you have extra think about donating it :o)
Oh and Did I mention I finished ALL of my holiday Shopping!!!! YIPPEE Now I just have to finish wrapping it all, but that's the easy part :o) 
 Look at these ornaments...wish I would have seen them three weeks ago! They would have went perfect with my theme this year! I saw these on tumbler...wish there was a link(one of the many reasons I hate tumbler!) but I'm thinking they are made with newspaper, mod podge and glitter...maybe next year I will do a "Recycle theme" again...Hmmmm
The Most Delicious Sweet treat, Thanks Nicole for the idea!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and for those of you decorating your homes enjoy every minute of it, remember it’s the little things that make the Holidays so special. 

You can check out Ralph's new toy HERE  haha :o) LOVE HIM! 

 Our Tree last Year....Next Year is the Primitive Tree...Stay Tuned.

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