Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Day On The Lake

A day on the Lake, I contemplated for a while whether I should have entitled it, “5 Minutes on the Lake.” I will start from the beginning, it is a gorgeous fall day, and I mean all the windows open in the house, heat off kind of day. I get a call from my brother saying he is on his way to my house and he and his Girlfriend (Randie) are going out on my Canoe. So the Amazingly loving sister I am, decided to pack a romantic picnic, seriously like everything, cheese and crackers, fruit salad, drinks, even a picnic blanket. There is an island in the middle of my lake that is perfect for Picnics.  They arrive and Ryan spends 20 minutes sanitizing the Canoe. Ryan helps Randie get in, oh and did I mention this is her first Time going out on a Canoe, ever. She sits down Ryan gets in and they are ready to set out on a Beautiful day adventure on the water, I could explain in great detail but I think the Pictures tell it better…..ENJOY!!       hahahahahahahahahahahaha
Love this picture! <3
 At least he is Laughing HAHAHA.... Poor Randie is Traumatized, They are both alive and well, as for their Phones...They sit in a Bag of Rice...Time will Tell!!! 
Ryan did get back in the Lake and retrieved the Picnic basket, Phones, and Canoe....As for the Blanket and Randie's Sandals they will Forever be at the Bottom of Nipmunck Lake! 

 HAPPY "Fall" Everyone ;)

Maybe Next time they will do this, Movie Night
and you can check out our Secret Spot  Here! :) 

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