Sunday, November 6, 2011

Inside Look

I’ve been getting a couple requests for pictures on how I organize my refrigerator and cabinets. I have to say it’s not that great. One thing we will definitely be looking for when we move into a bigger house is a Large Pantry and a Big Kitchen. (We are in a Lake home, so space is crammed and we don’t have a pantry in our house). I have a vision of what I want our Pantry to look like in the future. I will have to do a Picture Tour when I have an “Organized” System. I still took a few pictures so you all could see, I’m working on a better system but Ralph and I have been avidly looking for a bigger home so maybe this system will have to do for now. 
I keep all the fruits washed and ready to eat in Rubbermaid bins, I also have weird habits like, I Love cold apples so they are never in a "Fruit" bowl and asparagus is always in water. I also keep all meats in my "Dream Dinners" Plastic Bin, and meals prepared in my other dream dinners bin behind it.There is nothing worse then meat leaking all over your fridge.
We do have a lot of Canned goods but I like to use mostly Fresh Produce, although it comes in handy when your in a pinch. I hate Grocery Shopping so I like to be prepared if I have to whip something up for dinner. Ralph has tried to throw away those two cans of "MANWICH" for a Year, we have Never made a Sloppy Joe nor have I tried one but hey you never know hahahahaha ;) I also like to keep all our cereal in Air tight containers, it keeps it fresh. Can you tell we are "Fruity Pebble" Fans.
This is a "Mixed cabinet, it has baking, seasoning and Hot Chocolate and Marshmallows hahaha I love Hot Chocolate but wondering if I should send this tub over to my moms because We've been making all our Hot Chocolate in the Keurig, sooo Much easier, but you have to have mini marshmallows!! Really looking forward to more storage so Ralph can build a built in Spice Rack.
 This is My Future Pantry...Ive been doing a lot of research on different storage ways, and I love pull out drawers, wire and wicker baskets so this seems to suit me perfect! 

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Fridge  I will own this ;) 

*I did do a "little" Organizing before I took pictures ;)

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