Thursday, November 24, 2011

Black Friday

Get out your Running Shoes and Set those Alarms for 11PM.... BLACK FRIDAY is Here! The day after Thanksgiving - known as "Black Friday" - is one of the year's biggest shopping days! Every year I say that I'm going to sleep through it and as the hours creep up to the Madness I slowly start to get into it. As I started to research different Door Busters it was settled...I'm heading out into the Craziness. It took me a while to sort through where I needed to go and map out what to get...To make things easy for those of you who are still researching I've added a list of all the stores I know of and the Black Friday Ad!!  

A.C. Moore Black Friday Ad
Walmart Black Friday Ad

 Don't forget to Charge your ipods and bring snacks...The lines are out of control and you need something to pass the time.

My 5 Tips for BLACK FRIDAY

 1. Do your Homework. The number 1 item on your list should be the store you are at first and Early!!
2. Go with someone...There is nothing worse then having to run to the restroom and having no one to save your spot in line.
3. Be Positive...You are going out on the Biggest Shopping day of the year, there will be lines, crazy people and a lot of waiting around. Nothings worse than having a bad attitude. So put a smile on your face and no what your getting yourself into.
4. Bring Snacks...After a long day of eating Turkey you will slowly fade into sleep mode unless you have fuel, so pack waters, protein bars and trail mix to keep you awake!!
5. Prioritize...In the mix of the madness you may forget what your even there for, have a list and if your doing all your shopping, map out the aisles. Nothing says Success like Organization.

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