Monday, November 28, 2011

Playing Nurse

I Got to use my First Aid Kit tonight… I’ve been so excited to pull it out and use it since I made it! In case you missed my “How To” on making one you can go HERE and check it out!! 

So what happen?

Yesterday was a busy day as I finished up all my Christmas shopping, Cards and Packages. As I was filling my final package to go to the post office I may have “Over” stuffed it and broke the big glass frame I had pictures in. I removed the glass and threw it away. 

Ralph: What did you do with the Broken Glass??
Sarah: I threw it in the Trash.
Ralph: No I mean how did you throw it away?
Sarah: I walked over to the trash and threw it in.
Ralph: You can’t throw glass away like that you need to put it in something.
Sarah: It’s fine.

Tonight: (Trash Day Tomorrow) 

Ralph takes out the trash…..Comes in mangled. So much for him remembering that I “improperly” threw out glass!

Negative side: Ralph has a Gash
Positive: He does not need stiches (I don’t think) and I get to use My FIRST AID KIT
Oh and this is what Happens when you try to put Hello Kitty Bandages on Ralph…..
Although I was Cracking up Laughing as he one handedly stuck one to my forhead and hair!! Atleast he is in good spirits, Love you Hunny xoxo  G'Night Everyone              
                                                                                                                      ~Sarah with an H

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